ACEMAGIC’s Z1A Laptop Has Dual Screens That Can Be Folded In Unique Positions

ACEMAGIC brought its unique dual-screen laptop, Z1A, at Computex, which offers a unique approach to the mobile form factor while featuring high-end specs.

Intel-Power ACEMAGIC Z1A Is A Dual-Screen Laptop With Foldable Displays, Perfect For Users Who Do Multi-Screen Work & Need Portability

Starting with the specifications, the ACEMAGIC M1A comes with an Intel Alder Lake, Core i7-1265U or Core i7-1255U, CPU configurations and feature Xe integrated GPUs with LPDDR4 memory clocking in at 3200 MT/s, dual M.2 2280 slots and a range of IO connectivity which includes WIFI6/BT5.2 support, USB 3.0/HDMI2.0 Type-C port, and a standard Type-C USB 3.0 port, two 2W speakers and a 4000 mAH battery pack.

Coming to the design, well it is the most interesting aspect of the ACEMAGIC Z1A which might look like a standard yet slightly thick laptop at first but in fact, features two 14.1″ screens that are etched together using a metallic hinge. These two screens are 1920×1200 resolution IPS panels with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The whole laptop measures 332x222x21mm.

The screens open up horizontally which offers easy dual-screen accessibility and the second screen can be rotated at the back of the primary screen, giving a unique display experience in instances where you want to show a presentation to the person next to you while having the primary screen facing yourself.

ACEMAGIC also showed off its recently released M1A Mini PC which is referred to as the “TANK”. This Mini PC comes in Core i9-12900H or i7-12700H options with GPU options including the RTX 3050M, 3060M & 3070M. The motherboard features support for four SO-DIMM ram modules and has dual M.2 SSD slots. Other specs include six USB 3.2 ports, two HDMI 2.0 outputs, a single USB 3.2 Type-C port, and 2 LAN ports. The device is powered by a 19V/12A adapter and measures 166.7×166.9×160.9mm. It supports both Windows 11 and Ubuntu OS platforms.

Lastly, we have the ACEMAGIC M2A which is a starship-designed Mini PC that also comes in Core i9-12900H / Core i7-12700H CPU options with two DDR5-4800 SO-DIMM support, two M.2 SSD slots, WIFI6/BT 5.2 support and similar IO connectivity as the M1A. The PC measures 315x255x198mm and looks incredible.

The M2A also comes with a front-facing LED that reads different PC metrics in real-time such as CPU temperature, power consumption, frequency, fan speed memory usage, and other useful data. ACEMAGIC expects the M2A to launch by Q4 2024.

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