AMD “Advancing AI” Event Announced For 6th December, Instinct MI300 Series Launch & More

AMD has announced its upcoming “Advancing AI” event which will encompass the latest & greatest developments from Team Red in the AI segment.

AMD Unveils “Advancing AI” Event For Instinct MI300 Series Launch, Also Revealing Similar AI Resources to Steal The Spotlight From Competitors

In recent times, AMD has been rapidly improving its AI arsenal, which includes not only releasing next-gen data center products but also building on existing hardware and software resources. The announcement of a dedicated event was quite unexpected, but the news was in the air about AMD and its sudden change in focus toward AI, which is why the company has decided to hold an official and separate event.

Team Red hasn’t disclosed what the event would feature but the company’s Senior Director for Gaming Marketing Sasa Marinkovic has also announced the event on X, which does hint towards the fact that we might see some sort of AI integration into mainstream “Client” AMD products which are gaming-oriented, but nothing is confirmed yet. There is also an indication that Turing is going to be present during the event and we will get to hear some initial details of the Zen 5-based EPYC family.

However, there are more chances that we see the release of the “newer” entrants in AMD’s Instinct lineup of AI accelerators, which includes the likes of MI300X and MI300A, which have gained immense interest from the industry due to their potential capabilities as displayed by AMD.

  • MI300A – 6 XCDs (Up To 228 CUs), 3 CCDs (Up To 24 Zen 4 Cores), 8 HBM3 Stacks (128 GB)
  • MI300X – 8 XCDs (Up To 304 CUs), 0 CCDs (Up To 0 Zen 4 Cores), 8 HBM3 Stacks (192 GB)

It is important to note that “Advancing AI” would be a more AI-focused event, and one shouldn’t expect any sort of mainstream consumer product unveiling, at least until CES 2024. However, for the data center industry, things might change in the future, since AMD plans on ramping up the accelerator when it comes to competing in the AI race.

News Source: AMD

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