AMD CEO Lisa Su Reportedly Steps Down From Cisco’s Board of Directors Position

AMD’s CEO Lisa SU has reportedly stepped down from the “board of directors” position at Cisco, after serving for three years as a vital member.

AMD’s Rapid Change of Approach Towards Networking & Datacenter Industry Seems Like a Key Reason Behind CEO, Lisa Su’s, Resignation

The information comes from an SEC filing by Cisco which was disclosed by the reputed journalist Don Clark, which reveals that AMD’s CEO along with three other officials are reportedly resigning from their respective positions. Here is what the filing had to say:

On October 4, 2023, M. Michele Burns, Roderick C. McGeary, and Dr. Lisa T. Su each notified Cisco Systems, Inc. of their respective decision not to stand for re-election at Cisco’s 2023 annual meeting of stockholders.

Ms. Burns, Mr. McGeary, and Dr. Su will continue to serve as directors until the 2023 Annual Meeting.

-SEC Filing

Now, the reason for the resignations hasn’t been mentioned, and are even unexpected given that there wasn’t any sort of “disparity” amongst the members, at least from what we know. AMD’s CEO initially joined Cisco’s board of directions in 2020, with the aim of consolidating AMD’s image in the networking and server industry, since at that time, Team Red was at a much inferior position in the market compared to what it actually is right now. We believe that this is the reason why Lisa Su has decided to part ways with Cisco, which we will explain later on.

Looking at the industry’s landscape, it is clear that AMD is shaping up to be a competitive player in the server industry, mainly through its EPYC offerings as well as developments within software resources. Moreover, due to the influx of genAI developments, AMD has rapidly improved its data center offerings, which has posed a threat to the likes of Cisco, which are well-settled in the networking and cloud solution markets. Since there is an obvious “conflict of interest” here, the decision by Lisa Su probably seems the right one.

AMD’s current approach hints at the fact that the company is moving toward achieving a much more dominant status compared to what it was at if we see a decade ago. Apart from Cisco, Lisa Su has also left the board of famous IC manufacturer Analog Devices as well, which hints towards the fact that Team Red is now in a much better position.

News Source: Don Clark

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