AMD Doesn’t Want A Numerical Disadvantage Against Intel’s Core Ultra, Shifts To “Ryzen AI 300” Branding For Strix APUs

It looks like AMD has internally decided to drop the “Ryzen AI 100” branding for its Strix APUs and instead use “Ryzen AI 300” naming convention.

AMD Jumping Straight To “Ryzen AI 300” Series With Strix APUs Instead of “Ryzen AI 100” To Counter Intel “Core Ultra 200” Naming

Earlier this month, it was found out that AMD was going to use a brand new naming scheme for its upcoming Strix Point APUs. The naming was confirmed within an ASUS leak and later, we saw a few APUs being mentioned online and other leaks. It is now expected that the naming scheme that we saw earlier wasn’t the final one as AMD might have decided to go with another brand new number convention.

Initially expected to be the Ryzen 8050/9050 series APUs, AMD has decided to go with a more AI-centric branding for its next-gen APUs starting with Strix Point. The new APUs were going to utilize the “Ryzen AI” convention but these chips being the first of this family were going to be offered in the “100” series nomenclature so we would have seen chips like the Ryzen 9 AI HX 170 and Ryzen 7 AI 165.

Image Source: Golden Pig Upgrade (Weibo)

But this new numbering convention would’ve put AMD at a disadvantage against Intel’s Core Ultra 200 family which was going to feature Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake CPUs. Hence, the company has now decided to go with a new numbering scheme and the chips will be branded under the “Ryzen AI 300” series instead of “Ryzen AI 100” series. According to Golden Pig Upgrade, two of the chips featured within this lineup would include the Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 and the Ryzen AI 9 365. It makes sense to have the naming convention start at a higher numbering scheme than Intel’s since its all about marketing these days but the new naming scheme can get a bit confusing.

  • AMD Next-Gen Laptop CPU Naming: Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 (Strix Point)
  • Intel Next-Gen Laptop CPU Naming: Core Ultra 9 285H (Arrow Lake)

Furthermore, AMD is also working to streamline its lineup by eliminating the TDP-specific tiers of its Ryzen mobile APUs. It remains to be seen how that will pan out in reality but with the growing AI PC craze, the company is doing whatever it can to make its lineup sound like the best thing ever. The leaker also states that technically, Strix Point is the 3rd Generation of APUs with NPU architecture so it’s valid for AMD to use the “300” series nomenclature.

Although branding is nothing significant, we would still like to see AMD be clearer and more precise with its newer Strix APUs to allow buyers to make the right decision when purchasing a new laptop.

AMD Ryzen AI “HX” APUs:

CPU Name Architecture Cores / Threads Clock Speeds (Max) Cache (Total) AI Capabilities iGPU TDP
Ryzen 9 AI HX 370 Zen 5 / Zen 5C 12/24 5.1 GHz 36 MB / 24 MB L3 77 AI TOPs (45 TOPS NPU) 16 RDNA 3+ CUs 35-45W
Ryzen 7 AI 365 Zen 5 / Zen 5C 10/20 TBD 30 MB / 20 MB L3 TBD AI TOPs (45 TOPS NPU) 12 RDNA 3+ CUs? 35-45W
Ryzen 7 AI HX 350? Zen 5 / Zen 5C 8/16 TBD 24 MB / 16 MB L3 TBD AI TOPs (45 TOPS NPU) 12 RDNA 3+ CUs? 35-45W
Ryzen 5 AI HX 330? Zen 5 / Zen 5C 6/12 TBD 20 MB / 12 MB L3 TBD AI TOPs (45 TOPS NPU) 8 RDNA 3+ CUs? 35-45W

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