AMD EPYC 4004 CPUs Launched: Up To 16 Cores At 5.7 GHz For $699, Crushing Intel Xeon In Perf & Efficiency, 2.8x Faster In Crypto Mining

AMD has launched its EPYC 4004 CPUs for the AM5 platform, offering big gains in performance and efficiency versus past EPYC & Intel Xeon chips.

AMD Brings EPYC 4004 “Zen 4” CPUs To AM5 Platform: Deliver Big Gains In Value, Performance & Efficiency While Also Boosting Crypto Mining By 2.8x

The AMD EPYC 4004 Desktop CPUs are centered around the AM5 socket which we have seen on the consumer-oriented Ryzen platforms. The socket has so far supported Ryzen 7000 & the Ryzen 8000G CPUs and will soon get Ryzen 9000 “Zen 5” CPU support too. The Zen 4-powered EPYC 4004 Desktop CPUs come in a range of options, scaling from 4 cores to 16 cores and offering up to 128 MB of L3 cache with the 3D V-Cache-boosted “X” variants. These chips are designed to offer strong value, performance, and efficiency.

In performance comparisons, AMD is pitting the chips against the Xeon E-2400 “Raptor Lake” CPU family which scales from just 4-8 cores. These chips are the only mainstream server platform that is offered by Intel so it makes sense to compare the two lineups. AMD touts a 1.7x increase in perf, 1.5x increase in perf/$, 1.7x increase in perf/system$, and 1.5x increase in perf/Watt. Comparing the top Intel 8 core with its own 8-core EPYC 4004 CPU, the company reveals that at a $277 lower cost, you get 80% faster performance and 50% better efficiency.

A range of performance comparisons are showcased but the one that intrigued me the most is the Cryptography and Cryptocurrency “CPU Mining” performance slide which shows that the new EPYC 4004 CPUs offer a 2.4x performance per $ gain and 60% better efficiency. AMD’s Ryzen, EPYC, and Threadripper CPUs are being used for mining purposes in specific algorithms that favor their large number of cores and cache and offer great efficiency and performance in those tasks.

Press Release: AMD today announced the availability of the AMD EPYC 4004 Series processors that complement the existing AMD EPYC server CPU portfolio with new cost-optimized offerings that deliver enterprise-class features and leadership performance for small and medium businesses and hosted IT service providers.

The AMD EPYC 4004 Series CPUs provide the price-conscious buyer with enterprise-grade performance, dependability, scalability, and modern security features powered by the highly efficient “Zen 4” architecture. Compared to an Intel Xeon E-2488 CPU, a server powered by a single AMD EPYC 4564P CPU delivers a 1.8x increase in performance per CPU dollar.

A Trusted Choice for Growing Businesses
The AMD EPYC 4004 Series processors are built to deliver strong, general-purpose computing in a single-socket package, enabling highly performant rack scale, multi-node, and tower configurations where system cost and other infrastructure constraints are critical considerations.

AMD EPYC 4004 CPU-powered servers offer a compelling balance of performance, scalability, and affordability. Enabling a wide array of broadly deployed enterprise solutions, AMD EPYC 4004 Series CPUs are supported by leading partners including, Altos, ASRock Rack, Gigabyte, Lenovo, MSI, New Egg, OVHcloud, Supermicro, and Tyan.

EPYC 4004
Zen 4
L3 Cache
FMax Boost
Price (1KU,
EPYC 4564P 16 64 170W 4.5 GHz 5.7 GHz $699
EPYC 4464P 12 64 65W 3.7 GHz 5.4 GHz $429
EPYC 4364P 8 32 105W 4.5 GHz 5.4 GHz $399
EPYC 4344P 8 32 65W 3.8 GHz 5.3 GHz $329
EPYC 4244P 6 32 65W 3.8GhZ 5.1 GHz $229
EPYC 4124P 4 16 65W 3.8GhZ 5.1 GHz $149
EPYC 4584PX 16 128 120W 4.2 GHz 5.7 GHz $699
EPYC 4484PX 12 128 120W 4.4 GHz 5.6 GHz $599

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