AMD RDNA3 iGPUs For Ryzen 7000 APUs Set to Receive “Cycles Renderer” Support In Blender

AMD RDNA 3 APUs will be getting “Cycles Renderer” support in the upcoming version of Blender, bringing more creation power to notebook owners.

Blender’s “Cycle Renderer” Support For AMD RDNA 3 APUs Is Expected To Bring Significant Performance Improvement

Now this report is something out of the ordinary, but it is an important development for the rendering community, given that Blender’s previous versions didn’t support Cycles HIP for AMD RDNA 3 APUs (Ryzen 7000).

For those who are unaware of what HIP actually is, it is basically a “heterogeneous-computing interface for portability” that utilizes the C++ Runtime API and kernel-based languages to enhance rendering cycles on AMD GPUs. It plays a vital role in merging CUDA-centric codes with OpenCL codes on AMD’s platform, making it a crucial feature for those rendering on RDNA GPUs.

Image Source: Cycles-Renderer

Phoronix reveals that the merge request for support of RDNA 3 APUs was put in two weeks ago, and now it has finally occurred. While this is certainly something to appreciate, one can’t deny the fact that the performance on AMD GPUs at rendering applications, especially Blender has been behind Team Green for quite some time now. AMD has gained strides in the rendering department, but they aren’t significant enough to combat NVIDIA’s performance, which is why it has been the second choice for professionals.

AMD does have the advantage of fusing a discrete-tier GPU within their APUs. The RDNA 3 GPU architecture is the fastest integrated graphics chip on the market for mainstream laptops. These provide users with great graphics performance without requiring a discrete entry-level GPU and save a lot of power which results in higher battery times and more content creation durations.

We do hope to see AMD making improvements within RDNA’s rendering performance, and the only way to achieve it is by the rapid development of its software resources such as ProRender.

News Source: Phoronix

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