AMD Reportedly Receives Orders For Next-Gen Instinct MI300X AI Accelerators From Oracle

Industry reports have hinted that the “AI landscape” might shift towards AMD as the company has potentially received interest for its next-gen Instinct MI300X accelerators & FPGAs from the likes of Oracle and IBM.

AMD’s Shift in Focus Towards AI Resource Development a Primary Reason Behind The Immense Interest, Oracle Eyes Next-Gen MI300X Accelerators

We all are well aware of the fact that AMD’s start to the AI frenzy hasn’t been on par with its competitors like NVIDIA, mainly because of the fact that Team Green’s offerings had a head start and were superior in terms of both compute performance and software integration. However, with the upcoming Instinct MI300X GPU accelerator, AMD is aiming to close the gap, which is why it has managed to garner interest from several potential clients, with Oracle and IBM joining the list.

Based on a report at MT Newswires, the cloud-computing giant Oracle has reportedly placed orders for AMD’s flagship AI GPU, the Instinct MI300X. While the report doesn’t disclose specifics such as order volumes or value, it does say that Oracle now aims at adopting a “dual-source” approach, acquiring AI GPUs from both NVIDIA and AMD. However, for the upcoming year, Oracle apparently plans to prioritize Team Red since NVIDIA’s inventory of AI GPUs such as the H100s hasn’t been up to mark due to huge demand from the industry.

Oracle is known to be one of the biggest clients of NVIDIA’s AI GPUs and the report of them looking at AMD offerings does hint at the fact that the competence in the markets has started to get more “balanced”. It is said that large-scale adoption of the Instinct MI300X AI accelerators will occur by mid-2024. Apart from Oracle, there have been reports that IBM is looking to acquire AMD’s Xilinx FPGA AI solutions, in an attempt to expand its NeuReality’s AI infrastructure.

Concluding the talk, it is evident that NVIDIA’s apparent monopoly over the AI industry isn’t here to stay, with the emergence of competitors like AMD. Moreover, in recent times, Team Red has managed to take its AI-dedicated software resources to a much “mature” state, which is why the company has seen interest from mainstream players in the industry.

News Sources: Reddit, Medium

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