AMD Ryzen 9 9900X 12-Core “Zen 5” CPU Performance In Cinebench R23 Leaks, 20% Uplift Over 7900X With PBO

We have received the first performance numbers of AMD’s 12-core Ryzen 9 9900X “Zen 5” Desktop CPU within the Cinebench R23 benchmark.

AMD Ryzen 9 9900X 12-Core Desktop CPUs To Feature Double-Digit Multi-Threaded Gain Over 7900X At The Default 120W TDP

In our latest series of Zen 5 revelations, we will be talking about the performance of the AMD Ryzen 9 9900X Desktop CPU which will compete against the Intel Core i7-14700K, a 20-core chip. The new Ryzen CPU has some really solid improvements within multi-threaded workloads like Cinebench & we are going to tell you how the chip fares at its default and PBO mode.

The AMD Ryzen 9 9900X “100-000000662” CPU is a 12-core and 24-thread variant. This chip has a base clock of 4.4 GHz and a boost clock of up to 5.6 GHz with a 76 MB cache. The interesting thing with this chip is that it has a TDP of 120W much lower than the 170W of Ryzen 9 7900X chips.

Once again, while the chip retains the same boost clock speed as the Ryzen 9 7900X, the base clock sees a -300 MHz reduction which is once again to fit within the 120W power limit but once again, the 12-core should be able to boast some nice multi-threaded capabilities. Following are the TDP comparisons between the Ryzen 9 9900X and the prior one:

  • Ryzen 9 7900X (170W) -> Ryzen 9 9900X (120W)
Image Source: AMD

So coming to the performance figures, the data we received was evaluated on a high-end X670E motherboard using the retail AMD Ryzen 9 9900X chip with the AGESA BIOS. In terms of scores, the chip was first evaluated at its default 120W mode and scored around 33,000 points in the Cinebench R23 multi-threaded test. For comparison, the AMD Ryzen 9 7900X scores around 29,000 points on average at the default operation at its 170W TDP. So you are seeing a 14% uplift while the TDP takes a 50W cut which is very impressive from a multi-threaded efficiency point of view.








Core i7-14700K (253W MTP)

Ryzen 9 9900X (~170W / PBO)

Ryzen 9 9900X (120W / Default)

Core i7-13700K (253W MTP)

Ryzen 9 7900X (170W+ / Default PBO)

Also, the 170W TDP disclosed above for the Ryzen 9 7900X has PBO enabled by default. Once PBO is enabled for the AMD Ryzen 9 9900X 12-Core “Zen 5” Desktop CPU, its score surges to around 34,500 points which is around a 20% uplift over the Ryzen 9 7900X, and users can still expect lower power consumption than the Zen 4 chips. The score should also be around the same level as the Intel Core i7-14700K and we expect final performance close to 35K points or even exceed it once BIOS updates are available which should enhance Zen 5 performance.

We have also managed to learn that the gaming performance of the AMD Ryzen 9 9950X CPU is going to be very strong this time around and that is something that we might explore in a future post so stay tuned for more Zen 5 action this month.

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