AMD To Detail Next-Gen “Zen 5” Core Architecture At Hot Chips 2024, Intel To Talk “16th Gen” Lunar Lake CPUs

AMD, NVIDIA & Intel are going to detail their next-gen products such as Zen 5, Lunar Lake & Blackwell at Hot Chips 2024.

Hot Chips 2024 To Host Talks On Key Next-Gen Products Including AMD Zen 5 Core, Intel Lunar Lake CPUs, & NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs

Hot Chips 2024 starts on 25th August and several companies will be presenting talks on their existing and upcoming chips. The main conference which commences on 26th August includes talks from Intel and NVIDIA while AMD will be presenting on both days with the most interesting presentation taking place on the 27th August.

  • Snapdragon X Elite Qualcomm Oryon CPU: Design & Architecture Overview (Gerard Williams, Qualcomm)
  • Lunar Lake: 16th Gen Intel Core processor (Arik Gihon, Intel)
  • The next-generation ~5.5GHz IBM Z Processor and AI Inferencing Accelerator chipset (Christian Jacobi, IBM)
  • NVIDIA Blackwell GPU: Advancing Generative AI and Accelerated Computing (Ajay Tirumala and Raymond Wong, NVIDIA)
  • AMD Instinct MI300X Generative AI Accelerator and Platform Architecture (Alan Smith and Vamsi Krishna Alla, AMD)
  • Next Generation AMD Versal AI Edge Series for Vision and Automotive (Jeffrey Chu, Tomai Knopp and Sagheer Ahmad, AMD)
  • AMD Next Generation “Zen 5” Core (Brad Cohen and Mike Clark, AMD)

First up, we have Intel who will be presenting Lunar Lake which is mentioned as the 16th Gen Core processor. We know that Intel doesn’t use the standard “Core” Generation numbering anymore but it is still used by the company internally. The 15th Gen “Core” Generation should be Arrow Lake in this way. The company will also detail its Granite Rapids D, its server option aimed at the Edge and Networking segment.

NVIDIA will also host a talk with the “AI Processors” segment and the main chip to talk about will be its Blackwell GPU architecture. The session is titled “Advancing Generative AI and Accelerated Computing”. It is expected that we will get our first detailed look at the Blackwell B100/B200 GPU dies and the respective block diagrams which have been amiss since the introduction of the next-gen architecture at GTC 2024.

AMD will also be talking about a few key products within its lineup such as the MI300X accelerators, the next-generation Versal AI Edge series, and the most important of all Zen 5. The Zen 5 CPU core will be the next-generation architecture, powering a range of products within the Ryzen & EPYC line of processors. This new architecture is expected to debut at Computex 2024 but we are likely going to get in-depth architectural details during Hot Chips 2024, just about two months after the unveil.

Other key sessions will include talks on Snapdragon X Elite’s “Oryon” CPU architecture, IBM’s next-gen 5.5 GHz “Z” CPU, and AmpereOne’s latest product such as the new 256-core chip. Hot Chips 24 is definitely going to be packed so we look forward to the event.

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