AMD’s Next-Gen Ryzen 8000 CPUs Spotted In Latest Driver Package

AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 8000 CPUs have been spotted in the latest “PMF” driver package which hints at a launch soon.

AMD Ryzen 8000 CPUs Are Now Being Supported In Latest Drivers, Launch Expected At CES 2024

The latest driver was spotted at station drivers by HXL (@9550pro) and is part of the release which is not yet listed over at AMD’s official driver webpage. The official version is still the release but the major update in the upcoming release is the “AMD PMF-8000 Series” driver package which confirms the Ryzen 8000 CPU family. The AMD PMF “Platform Management Framework” driver optimizes the overall performance and efficiency of the systems. This package gets updated to the newer release which is much newer than the existing release for Ryzen 7040 APUs.

Image Source: Station-Drivers

The main question that follows is which specific AMD Ryzen 8000 CPUs are these drivers built for? As you can tell, the driver encompasses both desktop & mobile CPUs and platforms. We also know that AMD Ryzen 8000 branding will be used by several CPU families including the Ryzen Strix Point “Ryzen 8050”, Hawk Point “Ryzen 8040”, Phoenix Point “Ryzen 8000G”, Granite Ridge “Ryzen 8000”.

There are some reports that AMD might end up using Ryzen 9000 branding for its desktop lineup since the skipped Ryzen 4000 in favor of the Ryzen 5000 (Zen 3) Ryzen 6000 in favor of the Ryzen 7000 (Zen 4) while the Ryzen 2000 CPU series was no major architectural upgrade but rather a soft refresh of the Zen 1 core on a enhanced process node. So that theory might become true. It is likely that this Ryzen 8000 CPU could be the upcoming APUs since those are expected first than the Zen 5 families.

AMD’s Ryzen 8000G APUs have also appeared in a leak which revealed four SKUs and this might be early preparation work for them. AMD’s motherboard partners are also rushing to offer the latest AGESA Firmware support for the upcoming Ryzen 8000G “Phoenix” APUs. All in all, we can expect more details and support landing in the coming months.

AMD Desktop CPU/APU Generations Comparison:

Processor Architecture Processor Process Cores / Threads (Max) Platform Memory Support TDPs Launch
AMD Ryzen 1000 Zen 1 “Summit Ridge” 14nm 8/16 (1900X) AM4 (300-Series) DDR4-2667 65W-95W 2017
AMD Ryzen 2000 Zen+ “Pinnacle Ridge” 12nm 8/16 (2700X) AM4 (400-Series) DDR4-2933 65W-95W 2018
AMD Ryzen 2000G Zen 1 “Summit Ridge” 14nm 4/8 (2400G) AM4 (400-Series) DDR4-2933 65W 2018
AMD Ryzen 3000 Zen 2 “Matisse” 7nm 16/32 (3950X) AM4 (500-Series) DDR4-3200 65-95W 2019
AMD Ryzen 3000G Zen+ “Picasso” 7nm 4/8 (3400G) AM4 (500-Series) DDR4-2933 65W 2019
AMD Ryzen 4000 Zen 2 “Renoir” 7nm 6/12 (4500) AM4 (500-Series) DDR4-3200 65W 2022
AMD Ryzen 4000G Zen 2 “Renoir” 7nm 8/16 (4700G) AM4 (500-Series) DDR4-3200 65W 2020
AMD Ryzen 5000 Zen 3 “Vermeer” 7nm 16/32 (5950X) AM4 (500-Series) DDR4-3200 65-95W 2020
AMD Ryzen 5000G Zen 3 “Cezanne” 7nm 8/16 (5700G) AM4 (500-Series) DDR4-3200 65W 2021
AMD Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 “Raphael” 5nm 16/32 (7950X) AM5 (600-Series) DDR5-5200 65-170W 2022
AMD Ryzen 8000G (Rumor) Zen 4 “Phoenix” 5nm 8/16 (8700G) AM5 (600-Series) DDR5-5200 65-126W 2023-2024
AMD Ryzen 8000 (Rumor) Zen 5 “Granite Ridge” 3nm 16/32 AM5 (700-Series) DDR5-6000 65-170W 2024

News Source: Station-Drivers

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