AMD’s Next-Gen Zen 5 CPUs Recieve New Support In Linux, PMC Drivers Aim Onboard SoC

The next-generation AMD Zen 5 CPUs continue to receive support within Linux drivers as we get closer to their 2024 launch.

AMD’s PMC Driver For Linux Receives Support For Next-Generation Zen 5 CPUs

The AMD Zen 5 family has been receiving various patches and support within Linux for the last few months. These updates are significant in a way that they will offer an ecosystem that’s ready to offer support to the next generation of processors from the red team. Now, AMD’s engineers working on Linux driver support have started prepping up a new driver which adds support for the upcoming Zen 5 CPUs.

The driver in question is the AMD PMC driver which Phoronix mentions is responsible for handling the “S2” idle and related power management. This specific driver targets the SoC which was a big deal just a few months ago as SoC-led power issues caused damage to AMD’s Ryzen 7000 CPUs & was later fixed through various BIOS and firmware updates. The driver lists support for the Family 26 (1Ah) which should correspond with the Zen 5 series of processors.

You can find the latest driver at the listing here while the notes are available below:

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AMD’s next-generation Zen 5 CPUs will come in various flavors ranging from the EPYC Turin family for data centers, the Granite Ridge family for Ryzen mainstream desktop CPUs, and Strix Point for Ryzen mobility CPUs. The architecture itself will come in two variants codenamed Nirvana “Zen 5” & Prometheus “Zen 5C”.

Based on what AMD has officially confirmed, the Zen 5 architecture is built from the ground up and features enhanced performance, efficiency, a re-pipelined front end / wide-issue with more AI/ML blocks integrated within the chip for the AI PC and AI HPC segments. Based on a recent report, it looks like the next-gen chips will target a 2H 2024 launch but AMD might give us a taste of what’s to come at their upcoming CES 2024 event which is just a few weeks away from now.

What are you most excited to see in AMD’s next-generation Zen 5 Ryzen Desktop CPUs?

News Source: Phoronix

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