ARCTIC Guarantees Existing Cooling Products Compatible With Next-Gen Intel LGA 1851 Socket

ARCTIC has revealed that its current cooling portfolio is fully compatible with the next-gen Intel LGA 1851 socket which launches next year.

Intel’s LGA 1851 Socket For Next-Gen CPUs Features Minimal Changes, Making Previous-Gen Coolers Compatible

it is evident by now that Intel plans to switch to a new socket type with the debut of the upcoming Arrow Lake lineup, which is set to be released next year. Accordingly, cooler manufacturers such as Arctic are preparing in advance for the release, and it looks like just a small amount of work is required to make existing coolers compatible with the newer LGA 1851 socket.

Arctic has revealed that its existing coolers, compatible with the LGA1700 socket type, will feature support for the future LGA 1851 socket without any sort of additional ‘help” such as separate mounting kits, making it a great option for those who are satisfied with ARCTIC’s cooling solutions.

In a comment, the company revealed that according to their knowledge, LGA 1851 wouldn’t see any change within the actual dimensions, rather it would be a very similar design as the previous-gen LGA 1700 socket. ARCTIC isn’t the only manufacturer on the list supporting the new socket type, as Noctua has already sent out “next-gen” ready coolers, suggesting that the change in dimensions is either minimal or non-existent. Here are the expected dimensions of Intel’s upcoming LGA 1851 socket, based on what the leaks have provided.

  • Socket V1 (LGA 1851): 35×37.5mm / 6.83-7.49mm IHS to MB / 0.800mm Pin Pitch
  • Socket V (LGA 1700): 35×37.5mm / 6.73-7.40mm IHS to MB / 0.800mm Pin Pitch

However, rest assured that this isn’t official for now, and things might differ with the official launch but based on what we have seen previously, there are little chances. Either way, we can expect the cooler manufacturers to provide some sort of a solution in case things change at the last moment, hence you shouldn’t be worried.

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