ASRock Says It Is Difficult To Manufacturer NVIDIA GPUs Right Now But Doesn’t Rules Out The Possibility

ASRock has stated in an interview with QuasarZone that while making NVIDIA GPUs will be difficult for the company, it isn’t entirely impossible.

ASRock’s GPU Division May Hop Onboard The NVIDIA Bandwagon In The Future But Not At The Moment

ASRock’s entry into the realm of graphics cards has been fairly recent. Their first graphics cards were based on AMD’s Polaris GPUs which were introduced with the Radeon RX 500 series and it was later extended with newer AMD Radeon and Intel Arc GPUs. The company is one of the few manufacturers to offer both AMD & Intel GPUs and has been doing fairly well with competitive products from both brands.

There has been speculation regarding the company jumping on board the NVIDIA bandwagon too, however, that might not be in the plans as of right now. The interview with ASRock’s Korean HQ rep states that manufacturing both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs is something that can only be achieved by well-established manufacturers such as ASUS, MSI & Gigabyte who have been in operation for a long time now.

Q13 : Future product lineup. Are you planning to use NVIDIA graphics cards as well?

A13 : This is a very difficult question. The only companies that have both NVIDIA and AMD are ASUS, GIGABYTE, and MSI. They are all brands that have been in operation longer than us, and when they first formed the company, there were many chipset manufacturers such as ATI and NVIDIA, as well as Elsa and Voodoo, and no one had a monopoly. However, as time passed and NVIDIA’s market dominance became overwhelming, a world emerged where the manufacturing of NVIDIA VGA became a power. I think there are complex reasons for this. ASRock, which is currently producing AMD and Intel VGA, has no choice but to say that it is difficult to manufacture NVIDIA VGA right now.

ASRock Korea Rep to QuasarZone

ASRock recognizes NVIDIA’s position as an “overwhelming” force in the GPU segment however, the manufacturing of NVIDIA GPUs comes with its complexities. The company states that as of right now, it is difficult for them to manufacture NVIDIA GPUs but doesn’t rule out the possibility that there won’t ever be ASRock-branded NVIDIA GPUs in the market. We have seen big manufacturers such as EVGA and XFX drop out from manufacturing NVIDIA GPUs but that opens up the space for newer manufacturers.

A wide selection of AMD & Intel GPUs offered by ASRock. (Image Source: ASRock)

ASRock has an extensive lineup of products and while making NVIDIA GPUs requires specialized tools, equipment, PCBs and other R&D which comes with their financial costs, it looks like in the future as ASRock continues to get a grip on the GPU market, we can see more developments from them.

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