ASRock Unveils Revised Intel Arc A770 & Arc A750 Challenger SE GPUs, Updated Cooling Design

ASRock has launched revised Intel Arc A770 & Arc A750 Challenger SE GPUs, featuring cooling design and display connectivity changes.

ASRock Adds Challenger SE Series “Intel Arc A770 & Arc A750” GPUs To The Mix, Offer Updated Designs

It has been a long time since we saw new variants for Intel’s Arc lineup, but it looks like ASRock has broken the silence by revising two of its original models: the firm’s Intel A770 Challenger SE 16 GB OC and A750 Challenger SE 8 GB OC. The changes made to the models are indeed unexpected, and ASRock didn’t provide an official update to acknowledge the modifications made, but it looks like this is an attempt to maintain the longevity of “Intel Arc” products in the markets since the changes did justify this fact.


ASRock labels the new Intel Arc A770 16 GB and Arc A750 8 GB models as the “SE” of its Challenger series. The firm has made few changes in terms of performance; rather, the new iterations focus on structural changes. The new variants are smaller than the original model, measuring 267mm x 130mm x 48mm, which is around 2 to 3 percent smaller now. Apart from that, the firm has made some esthetical changes as well, including an LED option at the GPU shroud for enhanced looks, which is controlled via a physical switch on the video card, which isn’t something we see every day.

Moreover, the new ASRock Intel Arc A770 16 GB & Arc A750 8 GB Challenger SE GPUs have an improved heatsink design with more cutouts on the back for better heat dissipation. That’s just it when it comes to the physical changes. Another interesting modification here is that ASRock has downgraded the connectivity interface, with the Arc A770 model now having an HDMI 2.0 interface instead of HDMI 2.1, while the Arc A750 model has a new DP connection, which replaces an HDMI port on the GPU.

While these changes are certainly unannounced, considering the consumer feedback, they seem designed for regional markets such as Japan. Japanese media outlets, such as ASCII, say that the new models are expected to be released into local markets by July 12, while global plans aren’t certain for now.

News Sources: ASRock, ASRock

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