ASRock’s New Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning WIFI Mini-ITX Motherboard Supports Stupendous Fast Memory Up To DDR5-8400

ASRock has a new Mini-ITX motherboard in town, the Phantom gaming B760I Lightning WIFI, which supports crazy fast memory up to DDR5-8400.

ASRock’s Upcoming Mini-ITX B760I Lightning Motherboard Supports Intel’s Top 14th Gen K CPUs & DDR5-8400 Memory

For its CES 2024 motherboard portfolio, ASRock is unveiling its brand new Phantom Gaming ITX motherboard, the B760I Lightning WIFI. This Mini-ITX motherboard features some top-grade specs and even better memory support with its dual-DIMM design.

Starting with the specifications, the ASRock Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning WIFI is a Mini-ITX design featuring the Intel LGA 1700/1800 socket. This board is powered by a single 8-pin connector and supports even the top Core i9-14900K CPU with its 14+1+1 phase VRM design in an 8-layer PCB. The VRM comes with an impressive heatsink attached to a heatpipe to keep things cool when running these high-end processors from Intel.

Next to the CPU socket are two DDR5 DIMM slots which support up to 128 GB capacities with the latest 64 GB modules and the highlight is the memory speed. For the Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning WIFI, ASRock has demonstrated some top-tier performance, hitting speeds of up to DDR5 8400 MT/s (40-52-52-130-182-2T) at 1.45V using V-Color’s latest modules with SK-Hynix DRAM and an Intel Core i5-14600K CPU. This is a big achievement for the Mini-ITX segment and ASRock and it truly shows that the motherboard maker is fine-tuning performance for these small form factors.

To demonstrate the support for Intel’s flagship desktop CPUs, ASRock ran the Core i9-14900K on the motherboard and it delivered peak performance, similar to any high-end design which is very impressive too.

Other specifications for the ASRock Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning WIFI motherboard include a single PCIe Gen5 x16 slot for discrete graphics cards, a PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD slot with an M.2 Armor heatsink, two SATA III ports and an abundant supply of USB and other I/O ports.

This board also has WIFI 6E connectivity and there’s even an active fan attached under the I/O cover for additional VRM cooling. The exhaust vents can be seen at the rear panel. Talking about I/O, there are four 5 Gbps USB ports, two 10 Gbps (Type-A + Type-C) ports, a 2.5G Ethernet LAN port, HDMI and DP connectivity plus a 3-channel audio jack. ASRock hasn’t disclosed the price yet but we can expect it to cost slightly on the premium side of things given its impressive set of I/O and memory support capabilities.

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