ASUS Teases ROG SWIFT PG32UCDP OLED: 32″ Dual-Mode Gaming Monitor, Switches Between 4K 240Hz & FHD 480Hz

ASUS has teased its upcoming ROG SWIFT PG32UCDP OLED gaming monitor which comes with dual-mode technology, letting you switch between high-refresh-rate & high resolution on the go.

ASUS’s First Dual-Mode OLED Gaming Monitor Teased: ROG SWIFT PG32UCDP With 4K 240Hz & FHD 480Hz Mode

CES 2024 is going to be a delight for gamers and consumers who are looking forward to the latest OLED, QD-OLED, and DisplayPort 2.1-ready monitors. We have seen a range of designs teased and leaked ahead of the event but now, ASUS has teased its first-ever Dual-Mode OLED gaming display.

The ASUS ROG SWIFT PG32UCDP OLED is a 32″ gaming monitor that features an OLED panel in an ROG gaming aesthetic which has a three-feet stand and the iconic ROG LED at the bottom. The 32″ panel is nearly bezel-free and the biggest feature to talk about is the “Dual-Mode” technology which seems to be a major deal with 2024’s gaming monitor lineup.

ASUS states that the ROG SWIFT OLED PG32UCDP is the world’s first dual-mode gaming monitor. The technology will let users switch between 4K 240Hz mode and FHD (1080p) 480Hz mode on the go. This will make it easier for gamers who either want to enjoy higher fidelity gaming or switch to a more competitive (higher refresh rate) gaming mode such as eSports. ASUS isn’t the only one who’s planning to integrate dual-mode technology as LG has also teased its upcoming UltraGear OLED designs such as the 32GS95UE which features a similar technology. We talked about the LG display over here.

Other specifications aren’t detailed but it looks like we might be looking at DisplayPort 2.1 output on the upcoming ASUS ROG SWIFT OLED lineup. Prices as you might expect will be on the high side for these premium gaming monitors but we will have more details in the coming weeks which will be full of many exciting announcements such as the PG32UCDP.

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