AYANEO Intros Its First Mini PCs & New Range of Retro “REMAKE” Gaming Devices: Powered By AMD Ryzen

Ayaneo has introduced its brand new fleet of Retro-Styled gaming devices including its first Mini PC in the “REMAKE” lineup, powered by AMD Ryzen APUs.

AYANEO Intends to Combine Retro Designs With Modern Hardware To Give The Ultimate Package To Consumers With Remake Series: Mini PCs & Mini Handhelds

AYANEO is widely known for its portfolio of handheld devices since the company tends to deliver innovative designs in the gaming segment. This time, they have shifted a bit from their usual, by unveiling what they call “REMAKE”, a new portfolio of retro-styled gaming devices including its first Mini PCs.

The REMAKE series involves the integration of innovative modern technology based on replicating classic designs, to provide consumers with a nostalgic feeling, without compromising overall game performance. The full list of products include:

  • AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM01
  • AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM02
  • AYANEO Pocket DMG
  • AYANEO Retro Power Bank

The first batch of products unveiled are the AM01 and AM02 Retro Mini PCs which pay tribute to the classics from Apple and Nintendo. The AM01 revolves around the vintage “Apple Macintosh” design, featuring the old color scheme along with the company’s previous branding as well. The AM02 is a replica of the Nintendo NES, restoring the blue-gray classic appearance and the unique front-plug cassette slot. It has a built-in secondary screen that can display the clock and other desired information.

The idea behind the products is generally a “winner” in itself, mainly since the industry hasn’t seen a similar concept previously being adopted at this level. AYANEO hasn’t revealed the specifications of either of the devices, but it is rumored that they will utilize AMD’s Phoenix APUs. Based on the company’s image, it is still debatable whether the AM01 and AM02 are ready for industry release, but they still attract the interest they deserve. The AM01 Mini PC is expected to be released in late November while the AM02 is still in the concept stage and should follow the AM01 soon after.

Apart from the above-mentioned products, AYANEO has also decided to unveil its own version of a pocket handheld device, called the “Pocket DMG”. With inspiration from the famous Nintendo GameBoy, the device employs a similar design language with a screen on top and a dedicated keypad at the bottom. The company hasn’t revealed many details about it except for its expected design.

Ayaneo also has the FLIP KB and the FLIP DS which as the name implies, are based on the Nintendo DS handheld gaming consoles. These handhelds feature a flip screen design with a full keyboard & will be unveiled in two months.

AYANEO has held a complete livestream showcasing a wide range of “remake” products, which you can look at below.


News Source: ITHome

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