Deepcool Upgrades Assassin IV CPU Cooler With Vapor Chamber & Digital LCD, Displays New Cases, SFX PSUs & AIO Coolers

Deepcool has introduced its latest upgrade to the Assassin IV CPU cooler along with new cases, AIO coolers, and PSUs.

Deepcool’s Flagship Assassins IV CPU Cooler Now Gets A Vapor Chamber & Digital LCD Upgrade, New Cases, PSUs & AIOs Displayed

At its Computex booth, Deepcool presented its newest variant of the Assassin IV CPU cooler which is regarded as one of the best air coolers on the market.

The cooler launched last year and is getting an upgrade this year with a new 3D Vapor Chamber design on the baseplate and a fully digital LCD that comes with a magnetic attachment, making it easy to remove and adjust according to your preferences. The digital LCD reads all the monitoring statistics such as CPU usage, power, frequency, and temperatures in real-time. The Deepcool logo also comes with the same LED effect that can be turned on and off using the tiny switch at the front.

Besides the high-end cooler, Deepcool also revealed the CH160 Mesh series chassis that comes in an SFX form factor with a full mesh design in the white color theme. The chassis has a handle on the top for easy carry and comes with interchangeable panels with glass and a base stand if you plan on using the chassis vertically.

The company also showed its newest CH560R series chassis which comes with a backside connector design that has design that supports all backside connector motherboards from ASUS and MSI. It features an airflow-enhanced magnetic glass side panel and also comes with a GPU support arm which eliminates the worry of graphics card sag. The new CH170 Digital series has also arrived with new digital LCDs at the bottom which are a nice touch and you still get the white and black color schemes.

Deepcool doesn’t stop there and also shows off its new PX-S & PX-M PSU series. The Deepcool PX-S series are SFX ATX 3.1 designs with an 80-plus gold rating by Cybnetics and feature 105C Japanese capacitors and a tiny 120mm which conforms to the SFX length. The PSU will come in 650W, 750W, 850W, and up to 1000W design with sleeved cables. If you want something higher-end, then Deepcool has the new PX-M PSU series too which features the latest ATX 3.1 and Gen 5.1 standards and comes in up to 1200W options.

Lastly, Deepcool showed off a full range of new fans in 120mm and 140mm designs within its FD12, FD12 ARGB, FD14, and FD14 ARGB series. Deepcool also has a range of new AIO liquid coolers, air-coolers, and top-down designs at the display which are expected to launch within 2024 so stay tuned for more information on the latest PC components from Deepcool.

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