Doorbuster Offer on Superpowered Dreame H12 Pro Wet-n-Dry Cordless Vacuum w/ Hot Air Drying Ends Tonight ($284.99)

Update: The Cyber Monday offer is here! Use code wccfbf5off, and you will get the brilliant H12 Pro for just $284.99 – which is an absolute blockbuster offer on an incredible product that has continued to get amazing user reviews.

It’s been a while since we discovered a new smart vacuum cleaner – you know, we have a thing for smart, intelligent cleaning here at Wccftech, especially when it doesn’t break the bank. Worry not, as CES always starts the year right with amazing new tech, and this year has been no different. Dreame has released a fantastic new product called H12 Pro that combines wet, dry, and hot cleaning in one energy-saving product featuring a design that can handle edge-to-edge cleaning.

Top highlights of the revolutionary Dreame H12 Pro wet-n-dry smart cleaner

  • Edge to Edge Cleaning: specializes in dealing with hard-to-reach areas
  • Super Powered Suction with Dirt Detection: high-speed brushless motor enables H12 Pro to wipe the floor 520 times per minute
  • Automatic Hot Air Drying (55°C Hot Air): an increasingly crucial feature that helps avoid bacterial growth and odor
  • Dual-Rotation Self-Cleaning: Thoroughly rinses the brush and washes it by rotating it forwards and backwards with a tap of a button!

The basics are all there, but there are also a number of features that set this latest model apart. For one, the H12 Pro’s industry-leading brushless motor delivers stronger suction power than the competition to stop stains in their tracks. Dreame H12 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum can sense the dirt level and choose the right suction power to perform the job efficiently without being power-hungry. It also carries two large water tanks that keep your house clean with minimal upkeep. One of the biggest peeves around smart vacuums is edge and corner cleaning. With H12 Pro, the vacuum’s brush head gets within 0.2 inches of baseboards, ensuring it’s hugging the walls and cleaning the corners effectively.

H12 Pro is a pro at wet and dry mess elimination, removing the need to own and maintain two different products. Egg, milk, jam? Whatever the mess may be, H12 Pro will handle it like a true pro. Simultaneously vacuuming, mopping, and washing, H12 Pro performs effective cleanups every time, removing the toughest messes with its upgraded high-speed brushless motor that can wipe the floor 520 times a minute.

H12 Pro also features one of the biggest tank sets available in the market with a 900ml clean water tank and a 700ml used water tank that helps you get more cleaning hours without refilling. It also brings more modes to enable customized cleaning. Auto Mode, Ultra Mode (for deep cleaning), and Suction Mode (for vacuuming up liquids without mopping) help H12 Pro to smartly detect the dirt level and clean accordingly.

Bringing an upright/reclining switch, H12 Pro is easy to maneuver with a gentle step on the brush to start, and then a simple recline will suspend the current operation. It also requires minimal effort to navigate H12 Pro since its brush roller utilizes power from the motor to generate forward traction while in operation to self-propel the vacuum. Simple and gentle taps and pushes do it all!

Its easy-to-grip handle makes cleaning comfortable, whereas the brushless motor combined with the noise-optimized air channel, smart power adjustment, and a soft brush roller results in non-disruptive cleaning with significantly less noise.

Post cleaning, the brush will get washed, and then with its automatic hot air drying feature, the brush also gets dried thoroughly to prevent mildew, mold, and unpleasant odor. H12 Pro’s focus on self-cleaning results in the vacuum detangling hair off the brush (probably the grossest part of maintaining a vacuum) and then scrubbing it using a serrated brush scraper to result in a clean cleaning process every time.

Simply put the vacuum on the base and press a button, and everything will get washed up for your next cleanup.

When introducing H12 Pro earlier this month, Dreame said the team is proud of this product and has succeeded in delivering “the best cleaning results with the least amount of work.” While we may have taken that claim with a grain of salt, the H12 Pro does manage to not only prove this claim but exceed expectations.

dreame h12 pro wet and dry vacuum

Dreame is offering its brand new H12 Pro for $449.99.

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