Enermax Rolls Out ATX 3.1 PSUs With 12V-2×6 Connectors & Compact White Designs, New Coolers & Cases Also Shown

Enermax has showcased its brand-new ATX 3.1 PSU lineup with 12V-2×6 connectors, a new cooling solution, and PC chassis at CES 2024.

Enermax Upgrades Its PSU Lineup To The New ATX 3.1 Standard With 12V-2×6 Power Connectors

The PC components manufacturer unveiled that its five product families within the PSU stack are getting upgrades for 2024. Starting at the very top, we have the PlatiGemini & the PlatiMax D.F.X which are 80 Plus Platinum PSUs and come in ATX 3.1 variants plus an ATX12VO option for Plati-Gemini. These are the standard ATX designs measuring 150x150x86 and feature sleeved cables in fully modular designs.

Next up, we have the Revolution series which are the 80 Plus Gold supplies and these too have been upgraded to the new ATX 3.1 standard. These PSUs range from 850/750W in the D.F.12, 750/850/1000/1200W in the D.F.X. PRO, and up to 1350/1650W options in the D.F.X stack. The 1650W and 1350W options measure 170x150x86 and come with two 16-pin 12VHPWR power connectors while the other two lineups come in 140mm and down to 122mm designs. Enermax also has white-colored PSU designs ready for its Revolution series.

The new PSU lineup can also meet up to 235% power excursions and cooling includes either a 120mm or 140mm fan. All models are equipped with 100% Japanese capacitors.

In addition to the PSU lineup, Enermax also unveiled its LIQTECH XTR AIO cooler which comes in 240, 280, 360, and 420mm flavors. This high-end CPU cooler has a cooling capacity rated at over 500W which is achieved through an EF1 pump design that delivers a very high flow rate of 450 L/h and comes with various patented cooling innovations.

The cooler has a baseplate that provides coverage to top-tier CPUs such as AMD Ryzen Threadripper and Intel Xeon while also coming equipped with a real-time digital screen that displays CPU/GPU temperatures in real-time along with an overheat warning. This LCD can be entirely removed too.

Other than that, the company also has its AQUAFLO LCD designs ranging from 240/360mm AIO solutions with very similar LCD front panels. There’s also a Project B which is a dual-chamber Xtreme pump design and should be utilized by high-end gaming PCs when it launches later this year.

The company also announced its brand new casing lineup which includes the SK30 V2, EK98, ENERPAZO EP33, and ENERPAZO EP23. These products are expected to launch through 2024 and we will keep you updated as soon as we have more information.

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