Ex-EVGA Overclocker, KINGPIN, Finds New Home At PNY To Work On Enhanced OC Capabilities & Next-Gen GPUs

Ex-EVGA & famous overclocker, KINGPIN, has joined GPU manufacturer PNY, putting his magic into the firm’s current & next-gen GPUs.

KINGPIN Makes A Return, Not At EVGA But At PNY – Talks About Setting New Overclocking Standards, Next-Gen NVIDIA GPUs & More

Vince Lucido, famously known by his KINGPIN title, is a renowned overclocker in the hardware & tech community with plenty of contributions to the PC Master Race; however, his work with EVGA is the most appreciated.

The EVGA KINGPIN series of motherboards and graphics cards are known for their intense overclocking capabilities and complex cooling solutions, such as water blocks and innovative air cooling methods. With that, the lineup managed to pave its way up to the very top of the ladder, but with EVGA’s end after they announced to quit the GPU segment, the KINGPIN series saw its demise. But Vince has finally made a comeback, this time with PNY.

Image Source: Gamers Nexus

In an interview with Gamers Nexus, Vince revealed the welcoming news to the community, stating that PNY was the company he decided to go for. Upon asking the reason behind his selection, here is what he had to say:

Gamers Nexus: When you think of your former competitors, MSI comes to mind, ASUS comes to mind, GALAX maybe, what about PNY team has made you excited?

Kingpin: They are keen to dive into the extreme overclocking. ASUS, MSI and GALAX, they already do it. Too many cooks in the kitchen. I want to go somewhere where I can actually make a big impact and I feel like PNY might that kind of company.

Upon asking about rumors surrounding Kingpin x MSI, Vince said that MSI had some different plans so he looked elsewhere. With PNY’s collaboration, Vince says that the firm wants to come up in the enthusiast segment of GPUs, saying that no other company went for this particular route after EVGA. While Kingpin didn’t mention what we could expect the next GPU variant from him to drop by, he did hint at the fact that a “PNY Kingpin” variant can drop by this year, following the release of the RTX 50 series, but that isn’t certain yet.

PNY did display a ver high-end 4+ slot graphics card designed in collaboration with Cooler Master last year at Computex (2023). The graphics card was going to be an answer to the Noctua edition designs that ASUS had rolled out it was simply a prototype designed around the 4090 but in fact, it was going to be used for a true next-gen graphics card. There were a lot of talks regarding a new RTX 4090 (Ti) model around that time but none of those panned out. So maybe by the time NVIDIA launches its RTX 5090, we can see a revised version of that model with some KINGPIN magic on the table.

With the PNY-Kingpin partnership in play, not only will we see the rise of those beefy and highly overclockable GPUs, but the manufacturer itself will see an elevated status among the enthusiast crowd and tech community when you compare it to the likes of MSI and ASUS. It will be interesting to see what they have packed for us in stores.

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