G.Skill Teases Glorious Trident Z5 Royal DDR5 Memory Kits For The Glorious PC Master Race

G.Skill is finally prepared to officially unveil its shiny new Trident Z5 Royal DDR5 memory series which will come in gold & silver colors.

G.Skill Goes For The Bling As It Teases Premium Trident Z5 Royal DDR5 Memory Kits Ahead of Computex

Shown back at last year’s Computex, G.Skill is finally offering an official teaser of its upcoming Trident Z5 Royal DDR5 memory series which will be presented in full glory at Computex 2024.

In the short teaser, the memory manufacturer shows that the Trident Z5 Royal DDR5 memory series will offer an extra layer of beautification to the existing Trident Z5 (RGB) series which already are some of the best-looking DIMMs for modern-day PCs that support the DDR5 memory standard.

Although the company isn’t sharing what sort of speeds or specs we will get with these new DDR5 kits, they are sharing the first official look which adopts a shiny gold and silver color scheme along with the fancy diamond-themed RGB diffuser that we last saw on the Trident Z Royal DDR4 ram kits. Also, the teaser coming right before Computex means that we will see the official launch at the event itself which makes a lot of sense.

Currently, G.Skill’s Trident Z5 DDR5 memory kits offer up to 8800 MT/s speeds which are insanely fast and supported only by a handful of motherboards out there. The company has also set new overclocking records with its memory being pushed beyond the DDR5-11000 MT/s barrier in various world records.

Although we don’t expect DDR5 to go beyond 10,000 MT/s speeds out of the box just yet, Intel and AMD are on the verge of introducing new CPUs alongside their latest motherboards that will definitely push the memory speeds on consumer PCs further up.

As such, we expect G.Skill to be among the leading memory makers to enable even faster speeds with the likes of their Royal series. As always, we will be present at Computex and giving you live updates on the latest from G.Skill and other manufacturers in regard to the latest DDR5 capabilities.

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