G.Skill’s Next-Gen Trident Z5 CK CUDIMM With CKD, CAMM2 Ripjaws Pictured, Demos DDR5-10600 Speeds Without LN2

G.Skill has unveiled its next-generation Trident Z5 CK & CAMM2 Ripjaws DDR5 series memory and shown some extreme memory clocks without LN2.

G.Skill Keeps On Pushing DDR5 Memory Higher With Over 10 GT/s Without LN2, Trident Z5 CK & CAMM2 Ripjaws Pictured

At Computex, G.Skill had one of the fanciest booth setups with several overclocking demos being showcased with higher-performance DDR5 memory speeds, an insane overclocking competition going on at the front, and tons of memory products displayed for enthusiasts & high-end PC builders.


The company showed its next-generation Trident Z5 CK DDR5 memory which is a CUDIMM design that comes with CKD which is a clock driver that allows memory modules to reach much higher speeds than what is possible right now while achieving great signal integrity. The Trident Z5 CK modules also come in a very stunning shiny black color scheme with a silver logo on the sides and we were told that these modules are going to become available sometime around Q4 2024 which is the same time as the launch of Intel’s Arrow Lake Desktop CPUs from Intel on the Z890 platform.

G.Skill also had a CAMM2 DDR5 module on display which features SK Hynix memory dies. We recently covered more about this Ripjaws ram which was seen running at speeds of up to DDR5-7800 MT/s and CL36 timings. The module comes in 48 GB capacities and we should later see even higher capacities. These modules are expected to launch later this year as more motherboards come to the consumer segment.

And lastly, G.Skill showcased its Trident Z5 memory kit’s performance capabilities by overclocking it to a stunning 10,600 MT/s speed without using LN2 or even dedicated air cooling. The chips were running at CL56-62-62-126 CR1 on an AMD Ryzen 5 8500G APU.

Besides that, the company was also displaying its newly released Trident Z5 Royal DDR5 memory kits which offer some amazing speeds and will be getting a speed bump later this year.

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