GEIL Unveils New DDR5 Memory Solutions: Up To 8600 MT/s, CAMM2 & LPCAMM2, CUDIMM & CSODIMM

GEIL, a high-performance memory module manufacturer, showcased its latest DDR5 solutions, offering up to 8600 MT/s speeds in CAMM2 & CUDIMM designs with CKD.

GEIL Unveils A Vast Portfolio of DDR5 Memory Solutions, Faster Kits For Gamers In SO-DIMM, CUDIMM, CSODIMM, CAMM2, & LPCAMM2 Flavors

Geil has a range of memory solutions designed for gamers and it’s upping the game with its 2024 lineup. Starting with the Polaris RGB DDR5 series, you are getting up to 8400 MT/s speeds in red-colored plus RGB-lit designs. The memory comes with DYNA5 SLT and fits in with most CPU coolers with mechanical interference. The company also showcased its EVO V DDR5 memory which comes with an active dual-fan cooling solution and offers the same high speeds of 8400 MT/s in black (RGB-Lit) designs. The memory kit uses high-quality IC and is designed for overclockers.

There’s also the Orion V RGB DDR5 memory kit which comes in a compact design with a white heat spreader with a stunning RGB diffuser running throughout the module. The modules are equipped with PMIC just like any other DDR5 modules and offer speeds of up to 8400 MT/s. GEIL also has TUF Gaming Alliance DDR5 memory kits that are specifically tuned around ASUS TUF gaming motherboards & come with RGB illumination.

Some of these modules were overclocked to extreme speeds of up to DDR5-9000 on the AMD AM5 platform and ran stable without needing extra cooling of any sorts.

Besides the standard DDR5 UDIMM modules, GEIL also unveiled its next-gen CAMM2 and CUDIMM solutions which further come in LPCAMM2 and CSODIMM designs. The CAMM2/LPCAMM2 modules feature a very compact design and support up to 128 GB capacities with speeds of up to 8533 MT/s. They are designed to offer higher efficiency and make them ideal for laptops and mobile platforms but we know that these are also coming soon to desktop PCs.

The GEIL CUDIMM/CSODIMM modules are designed for Intel’s next-gen Arrow Lake Desktop and Laptop CPUs. They feature an included CKD (Client Clock Driver) which offers improved signal integrity, reduces degradation and noise for improved stability, and also offers higher clock rates, making them faster. GEIL is expecting to have its next-gen solutions roll out by Q4 2024 so expect more information in the coming months.

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