Gigabyte B650E AORUS PRO X USB4 Motherboard Hits Retail Under $300, Brings X870 Highlight To Mainstream

Gigabyte’s B650E AORUS PRO X USB4, one of the first motherboards in AMD’s lineup to support USB4 interfaces, has finally hit retail.

First AMD AM5 Motherboard To Support USB4 Is Finally Here, Gigabyte’s B650E AORUS PRO X USB4 Offers High-End Features To Mainstream Users

Gigabyte’s newest B650E AORUS PRO X USB4 motherboard was showcased to us during our visit to Computex 2024. The motherboard features a high-end design at a mainstream price and the most intriguing factor is the inclusion of USB4 connectivity since the motherboard features two Type-C ports through ASMedia’s high-end ASM4242 platform.

Image Source: Gigabyte

The ports support transfer speeds of up to 40Gbps and offer blazing-fast data transfers, making it one of the first options for the AM5 platform. The B650E AORUS PRO X USB4 marks the first AMD B650E motherboard to support the new USB functionality, ultimately setting the tone for future similar models. USB4 is going to be one of the highlight features of the upcoming X870E and X870 motherboards which will debut in late September.

Now that USB4 is out of the way, let’s discuss other features. Since the Gigabyte B650E AORUS PRO X USB4 motherboard targets the AM5 platform, it supports AMD Ryzen 9000/8000/7000 CPUs and has a 16+2+2 phases VRM design for optimal performance. Peak current is rated to reach around 80A, which are impressive figures for a B650E chipset, & they will surely contribute to performance stability as well. The motherboard boasts an ATX design with Gigabyte’s full metal thermal design, which also ensures the best heat dissipation and esthetics.


Regarding memory & storage compatibility, the Gigabyte B650E AORUS PRO X USB4 motherboard features four DDR5-8000 DIMM sockets with capacity support of up to 192 GB. For expansion, the motherboard is equipped with one PCIe 5.0 x 16 slot, along with four M.2 slots supporting PCIe 5.0 x 4 channels, and four SATA connectors as well, hence in this department, the motherboard is well-equipped and won’t disappoint at all.

The B650E AORUS PRO X USB4 motherboard also supports WiFi-7 and 2.5 GbE LAN, including the latest industry standards, for network connectivity. For onboard ports, you get plenty of options, including two USB4 Type-C ports, as mentioned earlier, along with USB 3.2 & USB 2.0 connections as well. For display, the motherboard features an HDMI 2.1 interface.

Image Source: Gigabyte

Now, moving onto pricing, the B650E AORUS PRO X USB4 hasn’t been listed yet in mainstream US and European markets; however, the motherboard retails for 1,999 RMB or $275 (US) at Chinese marketplace The price is decent, not too high considering the options you get with the product, & we see Gigabyte’s latest product as a success in the markets, offering great competition to Intel’s USB4-supported motherboards.

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