Gigabyte Confirms AM5 AGESA BIOS Firmware Adds Support For Next-Gen AMD Ryzen Desktop APUs, Launching In January

Gigabyte has finally confirmed what we were all waiting for the AGESA BIOS firmware adds support for AMD’s next-gen Ryzen APUs on the AM5 desktop platform.

Gigabyte Rolls Out AGESA BIOS Firmware For AM5 Motherboards, Confirms Support For Next-Gen AMD Ryzen APUs Launching In January

Update: Gigabyte has confirmed that the next-gen AMD Ryzen APUs will launch by the end of January on the AM5 Desktop platform.

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, and hardware solutions, released the latest AGESA beta bios for AM5 next gen APU support on X670, B650, A620 motherboards. The forthcoming AM5 next gen APU will be launched at the end of January 2024.

Gigabyte is the third motherboard manufacturer, following ASRock & ASUS, to offer support for the latest AGESA BIOS firmware for its motherboards. Although other motherboard makers did not state the changes that the firmware brings, Gigabyte has mentioned that this specific release is to support AMD’s next-gen Ryzen Desktop APUs.

We had already stated in our previous reports that the AMD AGESA BIOS firmware was made to iron out some of the shortcomings in the previous firmware releases. The BIOS isn’t the first one to offer Ryzen APU support. The support was already present in the previous and BETA BIOS releases but we were informed that those releases had tons of bugs and issues.

Image Source: Gigabyte

While the AGESA BIOS firmware is expected to be one of the first stable releases, there are still going to be some areas that can be improved upon and optimized in future patches. Gigabyte is offering the AGESA BIOS across a range of X670, B650, & A620 motherboards. If you can’t find a specific motherboard with the BIOS firmware yet, then expect it to be added soon.

According to recent reports, the next-gen AMD Ryzen APU lineup for AM5 desktops will launch under the Ryzen 8000 branding and will include a total of four SKUs featuring the Zen 4 & Zen 4C core configurations. This will be the first desktop APU lineup that supports DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen 5.0 connectivity. Pairing them up with the A620 and B650 series of motherboards will make the most sense since these APUs are targeted at budget and mainstream audiences.

It will also be interesting to see how well the Radeon RDNA 3 iGPUs perform on desktops as we Ryzen 5000G APUs with Vega iGPUs were able to deliver some impressive overclocking figures on the AM4 motherboards and even the RDNA 2 iGPUs on the Raphael chips can overclock excellently. With motherboard makers rolling out these BIOS releases, it looks like we are definitely headed closer to launch so expect more details in the coming months.

AMD Ryzen 8000G Desktop APUs:

APU Name Architecture Core / Threads Clocks (Base / Max) GPU TDP Price
Ryzen 7 8700G Zen 4 / RDNA 3 (Phoenix 1) 8 / 16 TBD Radeon 780M (12 CU) 65W TBD
Ryzen 5 8600G Zen 4 / RDNA 3 (Phoenix 1) 6 / 12 TBD Radeon 760M (8 CU) 65W TBD
Ryzen 5 8500G Zen 4 / RDNA 3 (Phoenix 2) 6 / 12 (4 Zen4C + 2 Zen 4) TBD Radeon 740M (4 CU) 65W TBD
Ryzen 3 8300G Zen 4 / RDNA 3 (Phoenix 2) 4 / 8 (3 Zen 4C + 1 Zen 4) TBD Radeon 740M (4 CU) 65W TBD

News Source: HXL (@9550pro)

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