Intel 14th Gen CPUs See Big Gaming Performance Boost With APO Feature, 32% Uplift In Rainbow Six Siege

Intel’s APO (Application Optimization) feature for 14th Gen CPUs brings in significant performance gains in games that support it.

Intel’s 14th Gen CPU-Exclusive Application Optimization “APO” Feature Brings Significant Performance Increment In Games

The Intel Application Optimization feature or APO in short harnesses the power of Intel’s hybrid architecture, which compromises respective P-Cores and E-Cores. The feature has derived its roots from “Thread Director”, which was introduced within the Windows 11 OS to manage individual thread processing based on the workload to optimize the performance. So Intel’s Application Optimizer is a mere replica designed for implementation in video games, rather than synthetic workloads.

We now understand that some threads are in high demand at one point but not so high demand at another. You don’t want to tax the CPU with that because it could impact power and so forth. So, the next iteration is this.

What APO does is we test the games and see, okay, this might benefit from a fine-tuning of the policy just because of the unique way this game behaves

-Roger Chandler, Intel’s VP and GM, Enthusiast PC and Workstation​, Client Computing Group via TweakTown

There hasn’t been much testing around the Intel APO feature considering that the process of making it work is a bit tedious but Reddit user, u/LightMoisture, has utilized Intel’s APO feature through Intel’s Dynamic Tuning Technology driver with Intel’s Core i9-14900K CPU and has seen some big performance boosts within games.

Metro Exodus on Core i9-14900K CPU (w/ APO Enabled):

Metro Exodus on Core i9-14900K CPU (w/ APO Disabled):

He exclaims that the process was lengthy and “bothering” enough, however, it didn’t stop him from reaching the depths. After downloading Intel’s APO from Microsoft Store came time for its implementation, and the results received by the user will surely shock you.

Rainbow Six Siege on Core i9-14900K CPU (w/ APO Enabled):

Rainbow Six Siege on Core i9-14900K CPU (w/ APO Disabled):

Based on the benchmarks performed in Rainbow Six Siege, the user experienced a whopping “200 FPS” boost after enabling Intel’s APO. He was able to squeeze out 867 FPS, and in some cases, the figure crossed the four-digit mark as well. The user exclaimed that his GeForce RTX 4090 “screamed loudly” which is one way of telling that your GPU is being pushed to the brim since the 4090 is one of those graphics cards that requires a lot of CPU horsepower to showcase its maximum potential. Moreover, all the respective P/E Cores on the processor were running at full capacity, which is why Intel’s APO was successful in providing such performance. The gains were as below:

  • Rainbow Six Siege w/ APO Enabled – +32%
  • Metro Exodus w/ APO Enabled – +24%

It was interesting to see such results through the utilization of Intel’s APO (Application Performance Optimization) feature. The feature only works exclusively with Intel’s 14th Gen CPUs for now. It will be interesting to see if the feature is adopted by older CPUs and if a wider list of games is available for users to enjoy soon.

News Source: Reddit

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