Intel Arrow Lake CPUs To Feature Arc Xe-LPG Plus GPU: Featuring XMX Hardware For XeSS Acceleration

Intel’s Arrow Lake CPUs which are expected to arrive next year will come with a slightly upgraded Arc Xe-LPG Plus GPU which offers XMX acceleration.

Intel Meteor Lake Gets Arc Xe-LPG With DP4a, Arrow Lake Gets Arc Xe-LPG Plus With XMX Acceleration

Based on the latest data by Coelacanth-Dream, Intel’s Arrow Lake CPUs will be equipped with an Arc Xe-LPG GPU which is a slightly better version of the one featured on the Meteor Lake CPUs. It will offer better AI acceleration that comes through the addition of XMX units and this change will also result in Intel rebranding the iGPU to Xe-LPG Plus whereas the Meteor Lake version is simply known as Xe-LPG.

Meteor Lake Xe-LPG GPU. Source: Intel

The addition of Intel’s Arrow Lake Arc “Xe-LPG Plus” GPU was added to the latest IGC Patch which still shows that both Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake GPUs mostly retain the same functionality but some segments have been added or improved. One of these additions is the new XMX units (Xe Matrix Extensions) which are found on the discrete graphics chips but Intel had to conserve space on Meteor Lake by removing XMX units from the Xe-LPG Render Slices and moving to the traditional DP4a instructions.

Intel IGC. Image Source: Github

These instructions still do a phenomenal job in accelerating and supporting XeSS which is Intel’s upscaling technology as Meteor Lake has showcased up to 2x the performance in games in a very recent demo. But having XMX means that we can expect even better performance when XeSS is enabled and better image quality on the next-gen Arrow Lake CPUs. It remains unclear if the Arc Xe-LPG Plus GPUs will be integrated across the board for Arrow Lake or limited to certain high-end gaming SKUs but it will definitely be exciting to see enhanced graphics capabilities for future Intel client chips.

The Intel Arrow Lake Arc Xe-LPG Plus GPU will be making use of the Alchemist architecture but will be based on a TSMC 3nm process node while the current GPU tile is based on TSMC’s 5nm node. It will be the last integrated GPU featuring Alchemist before Intel moves to the higher-end Xe2 GPU known as Battlemage on its Lunar Lake and then Xe3 Celestial for future client chips.

Intel ARC Gaming GPU Lineup

GPU Family Intel Xe-HPG Intel Xe-HPG Intel Xe2-HPG Intel Xe3-HPG Intel Xe Next Intel Xe Next Next
GPU Products ARC Alchemist GPUs ARC Alchemist+ GPUs ARC Battlemage GPUs ARC Celestial GPUs ARC Druid GPUs ARC E*** GPUs
GPU Segment Mainstream Gaming (Discrete) Mainstream Gaming (Discrete) Mainstream / High-End Gaming (Discrete) Mainstream / High-End Gaming (Discrete) Mainstream / High-End Gaming (Discrete) Mainstream / High-End Gaming (Discrete)
GPU Gen Gen 12 Gen 12 Gen 13? Gen 14? Gen 15? Gen 16?
Process Node TSMC 6nm TSMC 6nm TSMC 4nm? TSMC 3nm? TBA TBA
Specs / Design 512 EUs / 1 Tile / 1 GPU 512 EUs / 1 Tile / 1 GPU 1024 EUs / 1 Tile / 1 GPU TBA TBA TBA
Memory Subsystem GDDR6 GDDR6 GDDR6(X)? TBA TBA TBA
Launch 2022 2023? 2024? 2026 2026+ 2026+

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