Intel Arrow Lake Desktop CPU Whispers: Launching In October 2024, Core Ultra 200 Series, Lower Power Than Raptor Lake

Intel’s next-generation Desktop CPUs, codenamed Arrow Lake and launching under the Core Ultra 200 branding are expected to launch in October.

Intel Arrow Lake CPUs Coming To Desktop Platform In October, Z890 Motherboards With Core Ultra 200 Support & Lower Power Draw

During our visit to the various motherboard vendors at the Computex show floor, we got info related to Intel’s next-generation Desktop CPU platform codenamed Arrow Lake-S. These new chips will come to Z890 motherboards which were on full display by all major vendors and it looks like the board partners are super prepped ahead of the launch. So we will talk about when the latest CPUs are launching and what we can expect from them.

So first up let’s get the launch out of the way, the Intel Arrow Lake Desktop CPUs are expected to hit retail shelves in October followed by a proper unveiling at the next ON event which is planned for September. Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, confirmed today that Arrow Lake CPUs will first come to the desktop platform followed by laptop chips later.

One of the key areas of improvements for Arrow Lake Desktop CPUs will be the performance uplift coming from the new Lion Cove P-Cores and Skymont E-Cores, both bringing in a +14% and +38% IPC increase over the prior generations and even bigger uplifts compared to the cores featured on Raptor Lake CPUs. The clock speeds aren’t finalized yet but we are expecting them to be in the 5.5 GHz or similar range. The other improvement comes in the power consumption with the TDPs on these chips will be 80% of Raptor Lake which means that they won’t be as aggressive as the 14th Gen parts.

The other detail is well not a big one but should still be put out there and that’s the branding. So Intel will drop the current branding and move Arrow Lake Desktop CPUs to “Core Ultra 200” with the latest chips. We have already talked about some of the SKUs in this family which include the Core Ultra 9 285K, Core Ultra 7 265K, and Core Ultra 5 245K. The Unlocked SKUs will be the first to hit the market with more mainstream Non-K chips hitting shelves later.

Furthermore, the fact that Intel’s motherboard partners are testing out the new CAMM2 modules shows that they are trying to make the memory solutions as much performant as possible on the next-generation designs. CAMM2 will be a major deal moving forward as it offers a closer-to-CPU solution, allowing for faster memory speeds and tighter timings than the traditional SO-DIMM interface. We saw almost all major vendors showcase a CAMM2 variant and you can check out our Z890 coverage in the following links:

That’s about all that we have for Intel’s Arrow Lake Desktop CPUs at the moment but we will surely have more information in the next couple of months and before the official launch so stay tuned,

Intel Arrow Lake-S Desktop CPU Lineup (Preliminary):

CPU Name Architecture (P/E) Cores/Threads Clocks Cache (L3) TDP
Core Ultra 9 285K Lion Cove / Skymont 24/24 5.5 GHz (Max?) 36 MB 125W?
Core Ultra 7 265K Lion Cove / Skymont 20/20 TBD 33 MB 125W?
Core Ultra 5 245K Lion Cove / Skymont 14/14 TBD 24 MB 125W?
Core Ultra 9 275 Lion Cove / Skymont TBD TBD TBD 65W?
Core Ultra 7 255 Lion Cove / Skymont TBD TBD TBD 65W?
Core Ultra 5 240 Lion Cove / Skymont TBD TBD TBD 65W?

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