Intel CEO Expects PC Market Dominance Through AI, Plans to Ship 100 Million PCs by 2025

Intel’s CEO has shown great optimism towards the AI PC industry, claiming that his company will retain dominance in the upcoming years, despite the competition heating up in the segment.

Intel Believes The Integration Of Generative AI Into The PC Industry Is The Way to Lead in the Future

Intel recently held its “Intel Innovation Taipei 2023 Technology Forum”, where Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, was accompanied by executives from his PC ecosystem partners such as ACER, ASUS, etc. The emphasis of the talk by Intel’s CEO was how the company will retain its dominance in the coming years, despite the unexpected rise in competition in the PC and more specifically, the AIPC segment.

It was recently revealed that NVIDIA and AMD are planning to launch ARM-based CPUs by 2025, in an attempt to destabilize the monopoly established by the likes of Intel and Apple. Not only is Intel facing competition here, but companies like Qualcomm have also showcased their solution for the PC industry by unveiling their Snapdragon X Elite SoC, which on paper looks like a strong entry into the market. Such developments were indeed seen as a shock by Intel, but the company has shown confidence in its product portfolio, claiming they are way ahead of market competitors.

Moreover, Intel showed the path of the future in their conference as well, where Pat Gelsinger claimed that AI is the future in every tech domain and that companies are working together to integrate AI into the PC industry as well.

It is being reported that ASUS showcased an AI PC at the conference, where it asked questions to Intel’s CEO about the company’s vision. This hints that AI-based assistants might actually become a reality for the PC industry, and think of it as Apple’s Siri integrated into our PCs, where it runs through voice and similar commands.

Concluding the talk, Pat Gelsinger revealed that Intel plans to ship 100 million “AI PCs” by 2025, which is indeed a huge target. While the company didn’t reveal the specifics of an AI PC, we believe that it is simply a way to merge the paths of generative AI into the hardware stream, which would contribute to the way we use our PCs. Intel has already laid the foundations of an AI-focused PC through its dedicated VPU present in Meteor Lake and upcoming lineups, hence it is clear that Intel plans to innovate the PC industry by actually transitioning the hype created by genAI into consumer products.

News Source: Taiwan Economic Daily

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