Intel Core i9-14900HX “Raptor Lake Refresh” CPU Leaks Out: Up To 5.8 GHz & Fastest Single-Core Laptop Chip

The latest benchmarks of Intel’s Core i9-14900HX Raptor Lake Refresh CPU have leaked out and it’s easily one of the fastest chips for laptops.

Intel Core i9-14900HX “Raptor Lake Refresh” CPU Leads With Fastest Single-Core Performance On A Laptop

The Intel Core i9-14900HX is the successor to the Core i9-13900HX and is part of the 14th Gen Raptor Lake-HX Refresh CPU family for notebook chips. The CPU offers 24 cores (8+16), 32 threads, a frequency of 2.4 GHz base, & up to 5.8 GHz boost clocks. The chip also offers 36 MB of L3 cache. The chip will feature a base TDP of 55W and an MTP (Maximum Turbo Power of 157W).

The Intel Core i9-14900HX only offers a clock speed bump of up to +400 MHz over the i9-13900HX and a +200 MHz bump over the Core i9-13980HX. There’s no improvement in the core/thread or cache departments. So based on that, the performance uplift is going to be very nominal & within the single-digit range.

Image Source: Geekbench 6 Database

The CPU was spotted running within ACER’s Predator PH16-72 laptop with 32 GB of DDR5-5600 memory and the 14900HX achieved a top clock speed of around 5.8 GHz which is very impressive. Intel’s Core i7-14700HX also leaked out a few days ago in the same benchmark database within an ACER laptop.

Image Source: Geekbench 6 Database

Coming to the performance benchmarks, the Intel Core i7-14900HX CPU scored 2998 points in the single-core and 17,937 points in the multi-core tests. For comparison, the Core i9-13900HX gets around 2920 points in single-core and 18,700 points in multi-core tests. We can expect slightly better performance when the retail laptops launch but don’t expect too much since there’s no difference in the core configurations or architecture in the 14th Gen Raptor Lake Refresh expect one SKU (14700HX). Following are the comparisons:








The Intel Raptor Lake-HX Refresh is mostly just the same lineup with a few SKU changes here and there. The good thing is that it will be priced the same as the existing 13th Gen chip so we can expect slightly faster enthusiast-grade laptops at the same prices. The lineup will be making its debut at CES 2024.

News Source: Benchleaks

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