Intel Core i9-14900KS Drops Down To 5.1 GHz Clocks With “Performance” Profile, Baseline Default To Result In Further Loss

Intel’s CPUs such as the flagship Core i9-14900KS are in for a huge clock speed degradation if the only solution is to stick with the default BIOS option.

You Will See Your CPUs Run Severely Underclocked If You Want To Stick With Intel’s Default BIOS Profiles & Maintain Stability On 14th & 13th Gen CPUs

Intel’s story of instability issues with its recent 14th & 13th Gen CPUs has been all across the web for quite some time, and despite gaining colossal traction, Intel still cannot provide an official fix or statement, showing a complete disaster on their part.

The last update we witnessed from the company was the, “requesting” motherboard makers to implement new “Intel Default Settings” profiles as the default BIOS option to prevent users from going beyond the specified baseline limits, and due to this, benchmarks show that gamers would witness massive performance drops, exceeding more than 10%.

Expanding a bit on the above point, now that Intel users will have to adopt Baseline configurations to maintain 14th Gen & 13th Gen CPU stability, the respective processors will have to be set at as low as 125/188W (PL1/PL2) profiles, with the Iccmax now being dropped down to 249A.

Here comes the interesting part. According to benchmarks done by Bang4BuckPC Gamer via YouTube, it is revealed that with the Iccmax set at 307A, which is Intel’s “Performance” preset, the tested Intel Core i9-14900KS CPU managed to fall to as low as 5.1 GHz clock speeds, which is a 17% drop in clock speed versus its official peak of 6.2 GHz (across a single-core).


It’s important to note that this testing was performed without the implementation of the newer baseline setting but rather the “Performance” profile so we can expect even bigger clock speed drops using the baseline default profile, and after motherboard manufacturers start to restrict CPUs well, the performance drops will indeed be noticeable and might exceed double digits. It’s certainly something to worry about as a consumer because we aren’t paying hefty amounts just to witness instability issues, which are also in some of the flagship units of Intel’s CPU lineup.

Intel plans to implement its own “Baseline” profiles through motherboard and system partners by the end of this month, and an official statement is set to be released by 15th May, where users will be taken into confidence by the company, at least we can hope for it.

News Source: Beyond FPS

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