Intel Optane 905p 1.5tb SSD fire sale – available for only $299!

Intel’s Optane SSDs were one of a kind, using 3DXPoint instead of NAND for storage. They had many advantages over traditional SSDs, amongst which include unusually high endurance ratings and extremely low latency. Even today, Optane SSDs like the 905p provide faster loading times than the best PCI-e 4 and PCI-e 5 SSDs on the market.

One of the biggest reasons that Optane failed to catch on with enthusiasts was the price. When the 905p was initially released, the 1.5tb model sold for a jaw-dropping $2,199.99 – a price higher than the fastest consumer GPUs on the market!

I recently benchmarked Intel’s Optane P5800X and 905p drives in Final Fantasy while paired with an Intel i9-14900K. The “old” Optane 905p still leads over NAND SSDs, beating Kingston’s Fury Renegade by 2.27 seconds. Now let’s be real – that’s not a huge amount of time saved. But when you look at it from a performance perspective, that’s an impressive 46% faster than the Fury Renegade’s 7.19 seconds.

Optane’s production has been discontinued, and as a result prices of the remaining units on the market drop every day. NewEgg currently has a sale for the 1.5tb unit for only $299 USD with promo code SUMMER673. This price is still more expensive than high end NVMe SSDs, but if you want the absolute best loading times nothing on the market beats Optane yet – not even the fastest PCI-e 5 SSDs.

Purchase a 1.5tb Intel 905p 3DXpoint SSD for only $299 at!

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