Intel To Launch 13 Arrow Lake-S “Core Ultra 200” Desktop CPUs: Include 125W, 65W & 35W Models

Intel plans to launch a total of 13 CPUs in its Arrow Lake-S “Core Ultra 200” Desktop CPU lineup, revealed Benchlife.

A Total of 13 CPUs Are Expected To Launch Under Intel’s Next-Gen Arrow Lake-S “Core Ultra 200” Desktop CPU Portfolio

Intel’s Arrow Lake-S “Core Ultra 200” Desktop CPU family is fast approaching its launch. The lineup is expected to get a formal unveil at Computex 2024 and we should expect a launch sometime by the middle of 2H (2024). So far, we have learned details about a few SKUs including the Unlocked “K” family which will include the Core Ultra 9 285K, Core Ultra 7 265K, and the Core Ultra 5 245K. It was also reported yesterday that the lineup is unlikely to include any Core Ultra 3 variant, the successor to the Core i3 series.

Now, new information has been revealed which suggests that the company plans on launching a total of 13 SKUs in its Arrow Lake-S “Core Ultra 200” series. In addition to the three “K” series chips, the lineup will include 5 Non-K chips rated at the 65W (PL1) TDP and a total of 5 chips featuring a TDP of 35W (PL1). These SKUs are expected to launch slightly later than the “K” series 125W (PL1) parts.

On the other hand, what we know about the Intel Core Ultra 2 series of Arrow Lake-S product plans is that there will be three products of the 125W K series processors, covering Intel Core Ultra 9, Core Ultra 7 and Core Ultra 5, of which Intel Core Ultra 9 will be processors in 24C/24T (8 + 16) configurations, followed by 20C / 20T (8 + 12) and 14C / 14T (6 + 8) configurations.

As for the non-K series, that is, the 65W part of the processor planning, in principle it is the same as the K series, except that a 10C / 10T (6 + 4) configuration processor will be provided in the Intel Core Ultra 5 part.

Already known information, Intel Core Ultra 2 will have a total of 8 Arrow Lake-S generation processors in 125W and 65W. As for the 35W products, there will be 13 processors; Arrow Lake-S only provides Intel Core Ultra 9, Core Ultra 7 and Core Ultra 5 series processors.


Image Source: Anandtech Forums

Intel is expected to utilize two main dies for its Arrow Lake-S “Core Ultra 200” chips. One of these will be the higher-end H0 die with 8 P-Cores and 16 E-Cores while the other will be a more toned down 6 P-Core and 8 E-Core configuration known as C0. All dies will feature Lion Cove as the P-Core architecture and Skymont as the E-Core architecture. These chips will be compatible with the LGA 1851 socket. Following is what we know about Arrow Lake-S Desktop CPUs so far:

  • LGA 1851 Socket Longevity Planned Uptill 2026
  • DDR5 Only Compatibility, No DDR4 Support
  • Kicks off With 800-Series Motherboards
  • Support For Up To DDR5-6400 Memory (Native JEDEC)
  • Increased PCIe Gen 5.0 Lanes Through CPU & PCH
  • Arrow Lake-S First Desktop Family Supported (DIY)
  • Arrow Lake-S CPUs feature 3 MB L2 Cache Per P-Core
  • Arrow Lake-S CPUs feature Alchemist iGPUs
  • Arrow Lake-S CPUs feature 8+16, 6+8 CPU SKUs
  • Arrow Lake-S 8+16 (24 Cores)
  • Arrow Lake-S 6+8 (14 Cores)
  • No Hyper-Threading Support(?)
  • Launching In 2H 2024

As for the platform itself, we will first see the launch of the high-end 800-series boards such as the Z890 products which are expected to feature native Thunderbolt 4 capability. Intel will expand its 800-series portfolio with H870 and B860 options with the 65W and 35W SKUs. Only the unlocked “K” SKUs will be able to support DDR5-6400 (native) memory while the Non-K chips are expected to feature support for up to DDR5-5600 (native) speeds. Expect more information in the coming days.

Intel Arrow Lake-S Desktop CPU Lineup (Preliminary):

CPU Name Architecture (P/E) Cores/Threads Clocks Cache (L3) TDP
Core Ultra 9 285K Lion Cove / Skymont 24/24 5.5 GHz (Max?) 36 MB 125W?
Core Ultra 7 265K Lion Cove / Skymont 20/20 TBD 33 MB 125W?
Core Ultra 5 245K Lion Cove / Skymont 14/14 TBD 24 MB 125W?
Core Ultra 9 275 Lion Cove / Skymont TBD TBD TBD 65W?
Core Ultra 7 255 Lion Cove / Skymont TBD TBD TBD 65W?
Core Ultra 5 240 Lion Cove / Skymont TBD TBD TBD 65W?

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