KOKONI EC2 3D Printer: Get 49% OFF As The Perfect Christmas Gift For Kids and Newcomers

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As a beginner curious about 3D printing, I wanted to get started with an affordable and user-friendly machine. That’s why the KOKONI EC2 caught my eye – with its built-in camera, one-click printing, and huge database of free models, it seemed like the perfect entry-level option. When one arrived on my doorstep, I was excited to unwrap it and see what this hype about 3D printing was all about.

True to its advertising, setting up the EC2 was an incredibly simple process. I was pleasantly surprised by how little assembly was required – all I had to do was remove it from the box, attach the print bed, and plug it in. The next step was to download the KOKONI 3D app from the app store. Pairing it with the printer’s built-in WiFi was seamless, and within minutes I was ready to start printing. For someone totally new to 3D printing, being able to get started so quickly without any tools or complicated manuals was a dream.

Model No.: KOKONI-EC2 Number of nozzles: Single nozzle
Dimensions: 189*302*231mm Nozzle diameter: 0.6 mm
Printing size: 100*100*60mm Nozzle temperature: ≤260℃
Execution standard: GB 4943.1-2011 Printing speed: 100 mm/s (MAX)
Net weight: 3.2 kg Printing layer thickness: 0.1-0.3mm
Rated voltage/Current: DC12V/5A Compatible file format: STL., OBJ, etc.
Rated power: 60W Raw material of filament: Modified PLA
Forming technique: FDM/FFF

Printing My First Model

Browsing the extensive library of free models in the app was like browsing an online store – there were so many cool options! I decided to print a simple phone stand to test out the printer. Hitting the one-click print button, I was amazed by how fast the process was. Within half an hour, my phone stand was complete! Watching the layers build up through the built-in camera was mesmerizing. The finished product came out smooth and detailed – it was hard to believe I had printed it myself with no training. I was hooked!

Key features of KOKONI EC2

No-fuss and Hassle-free 3D Printing

The KOKONI EC2 was designed with beginners in mind, allowing anyone to easily enjoy the magic of 3D printing. Simply connect the KOKONI EC2 3D printer to WiFi through the app, load the included filament, and you’re ready to print. There’s no complicated assembly, leveling, or calibration processes required. Just select a model from the extensive library and hit print – within minutes you’ll have a physical creation in your hands. The plug-and-play functionality ensures 3D printing is stress-free and hassle-free, perfect for kids, students, and those new to the hobby.

Ever-renewing Library of 3D Models

The EC2 comes equipped with an ever-growing library of over 2000 ready-to-print models. Ranging from fantasy creatures to scientific diagrams, there are design options for every interest. But the library doesn’t stay static – KOKONI regularly adds new collections and updates existing ones weekly. You’ll always have an inspiring selection of high-quality, diverse models to fuel your creative ambitions. Whether you want something quick and simple or an advanced project, the EC2’s renewable library ensures you’ll never run out of meaningful things to print.

AI-assisted 3D Modeling

For those looking to design their own creations, the EC2 leverages AI to make 3D modeling remarkably intuitive and beginner-friendly. Advanced tools like AI Avatar and AI Object Mode remove the tedious learning curve by automatically generating 3D avatars and objects. With just a selfie or sketch, you can have fully-rigged 3D models ready for printing without any 3D design expertise. The brain-like algorithms think for you, handling technical tasks so you can focus on the fun aspects of creation. AI truly unlocks the EC2’s potential for design, allowing imagination to transform into physical reality.

Timelapse Videos and Cloud Monitoring

Documenting your 3D prints is now effortless thanks to the EC2’s built-in HD camera. It automatically captures your creations coming to life layer by layer, compiling the footage into mesmerizing timelapse videos. No need for additional cameras or rigging – simply start a print from the app and the EC2 takes care of the rest. You can also remotely monitor your print in real-time via livestream. Want to share your progress on social media? The EC2 makes it a breeze with one-click posts straight from the unified interface.

Faster Printing for More Projects

KOKONI listened to user demand and equipped the EC2 with a powerful new print head for accelerated speeds. Basic models that once took hours can now be completed in under 20 minutes. The zippy 100mm/s printing further enhances the EC2’s out-of-box appeal and enables you to create more in less time. Whether churning out classroom widgets or cranking models for prototypes, the upgraded print head means greater productivity and less waiting around between prints. No longer will speed be a constraint on your creativity or workload.

More Features of the KOKONI EC2 3D Printer

In addition to this, the KOKONI EC2 3D printer has an impressive array of features. With the KOKONI 3D app, you can print with one click from any smartphone and 3D print without professional skills or software. The compact model, which won the iF Design Award 2023, not only looks beautiful, but also produces less than 30dB noise and no smell during the printing process. The closed design and EC2 add machine doors so parents don’t have to worry about their children getting hurt during the printing process.

What’s more, KOKONI EC2 offers 5 different AI-based modeling capabilities and updates the model library weekly, making it easy for anyone to create their own models and personas on the app. In addition, the built-in 720p camera monitors the printing process at any time and pauses/stops printing if errors are detected. You can also share your time-lapse video with one click through social platforms. KOKONI EC2 uses PLA, a carbon-neutral and biodegradable plastic material with no toxic components. A variety of color and texture options allow you to enjoy a truly fun 3D printing experience.

The KOKONI EC2: An Engaging Gift For Kids

By this point, I was convinced that the KOKONI EC2 would make an amazing holiday gift. Its plug-and-play setup coupled with the huge library of free models means recipients of any age can start printing right away with no learning curve. Kids especially will love being able to bring their ideas to life and print toys or gaming pieces. But even adults will find it a fun creative outlet. I plan to gift EC2 printers to both my younger siblings this season. With its built-in camera, timelapse videos of prints can also be easily shared on social media, adding an engaging factor for all. Whether they’re looking to explore a new hobby or need a dependable printer for school or work projects, the EC2 offers beginner-friendly 3D printing that will inspire for years to come.

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