Lenovo’s Upcoming ThinkBook Laptop To Feature The World’s First Transparent OLED Display

Lenovo is all set to unveil the world’s first laptop with a transparent OLED display at MWC 2024, and the initial design leak shows that the thing is indeed something from the future.

Lenovo Decides To Make Things More Interesting With Its New Laptop Portfolio, Integrates A “Futuristic” Transparent OLED Display

When we talk about the design language in the laptop industry, generally, manufacturers tend to stick to the same “boring” layout, with only the addition of aesthetical features in a generational change. However, it seems like the future is transitioning towards something new and an entirely brand new design language, as Windows Report reports that Lenovo is prepping for a transparent laptop, although I am not sure how it would work out.

Image Source: Windows Report

The actual trend of “transparency” in displays was seen at CES 2024 when LG unveiled the world’s first transparent OLED TV, which was said to be powered “wirelessly” as well. While the technology is still at its naive stage, Lenovo is quick to jump onto the bandwagon, and it does seem sensible because the industry is in dire need of innovation when it comes to designs. It is disclosed that Lenovo’s transparent laptop will feature a bezel-less design with a completely see-through display, but the rest of the structure won’t come with many changes.

Image Source: Windows Report

The idea of having a transparent display does seem feasible when because it makes your display much more interactive and gives it a futuristic look as well, but I am not sure about how well it could settle in when it comes to a long-term consumer. Moreover, the initial images of the supposedly transparent laptop by Lenovo give me a similar vibe to what we saw with the ASUS Zenbook Duo, which was revealed at CES 2024, which featured a “dual-display” look without having any sort of physical buttons onboard.

Image Source: Windows Report

Let’s not jump to conclusions here since Lenovo might have something “extraordinary” packed for its consumers, and I do believe that the company succeeds in this “quest” of innovating the design language of the laptop segment. Apart from that, Lenovo is also rumored to have planned upgrades for its “Thinkbook” lineup. Hence, their booth at MWC 2024 would be something interesting to see.

News Source: Windows Report

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