LG Concerned About Intel Lunar Lake CPU Supply, Half A Year Behind Qualcomm & AMD

LG has expressed concerns about Intel’s Lunar Lake CPU supply compared to competitors, claiming that Team Blue looks tense with its future product.

Intel Behind Qualcomm & AMD When It Comes To Next-Gen CPU Releases As LG Says That Lunar Lake CPUs Are Half A Year Behind Competitors

LG Electronics IT Department Head Yoon-seok Lee visited the Computex 2024 venue in Taiwan, where the expert navigated his way around the new products showcased. His main motive for attending the event was to see industry trends and examine how manufacturers innovate their product lineups. When discussing Intel’s product schedule, the expert made pretty exciting claims on Intel’s upcoming Lunar Lake CPUs, where he discussed the debut of the new architecture and also expressed concerns about how Intel is behind its competitors regarding the next-gen release schedule.

We are concerned that Lunar Lake is about half a year behind AMD and Qualcomm (Snapdragon X Elite). Intel is a company that does not often experience product release delays, so I think Intel is also very concerned. The product release schedule is more in the hands of Intel and Microsoft than us.

We want to release the next product faster than other companies, but it depends on the efforts of our engineers.

– LG Electronics’s Yoon-seok Lee

In terms of the Intel Lunar Lake CPU release, Intel is expected to ship the CPUs within the next quarter, if things go well, which does put Team Blue behind Qualcomm and potentially AMD as well when it comes to next-gen CPU releases. Many ISVs have announced laptops and handhelds coming out in the next couple of months.

However, LG has expressed concerns about the effects of the supply chain when it comes to Intel being behind others. At Computex 2024, we saw Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite platform stealing the show, especially when the new architecture saw its integration with Microsoft’s newest Copilot+ AI PCs, much earlier than AMD and Intel.

Following that, at Computex, AMD announced their newest Ryzen Ryzen AI 300 CPUs which are also fully CoPilot+ AI PC compliant, which feature the cutting-edge Zen 5 architecture and much more. According to the LG representative, it isn’t usual for Intel to see a delayed launch from competitors, which hints that not everything is good at Team Blue’s camp. The Lunar Lake CPU is a radical shift in terms of processor designs for Intel with a new architecture and new packaging layout across all fronts. It’s also being made using TSMC with the two primary nodes being N3B and N6.

With the AI hype, manufacturers must adapt quickly to new market trends. Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon X Elite platform is a prime example of this, which saw massive market adoption within months of its initial debut simply because of its top-notch AI and compute performance. So, the industry has set its sights on Intel to see what capabilities the firm brings with its Lunar Lake platform and potentially mark an impact.

News Source: ZDNet Korea

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