Lian Li Supports Backside Connector Motherboards With Its Latest O11 Vision & Lancool Cases, New AIOs, Fans & Edge PSUs Revealed

Lian Li has introduced brand new cases, AIO coolers, Edge PSUs, and fans as a part of its 2024 product portfolio.

Lian Li’s Newest Cases Include O11 Vision Compact & Lancool Series Updates Along with AIO, Fans & Edge PSU Series

Lian Li’s updated product portfolio includes three brand new chassis offerings, the O11 Vision Compact, Lancool 217, and the Lancool 207.

Starting with the flagship design, the O11 Vision Compact has been designed to accommodate both glass and mesh panels on the top and cooling of up to 360mm. When mounting the AIO to the side, the second chamber can act as a compartment to hide the AIO tubing for a cleaner look. The chassis supports horizontal and vertical installation of GPUs and even comes with support for backside connector boards. It is expected to launch in Q3 2024.

The second chassis is the Lancool 217 which has been upgraded with a new mesh panel design that incorporates a wooden finish on the sides of each panel. There are two layers of dust protection filters on the front and the chassis comes with two large 170mm fans which have a switch that spins the fans in reverse for a dust-cleaning effect. This casing also supports backside connector motherboards and is expected to launch in Q3 2024.

The last new entrant in the chassis lineup is the Lancool 207 which has a front-facing PSU bay that is easy to access and offers more room for cable management. The chassis, although being a mATX design, is fully compatible with ATX motherboards with support for GPUs of up to 410mm. The casing comes with two ARGB 140mm fans and 2 bottom PWM 120mm reverse fans.

  • O11 Vision Compact = $119.99 US
  • Lancool 217 = $119.99 US
  • Lancool 207 = $79.99 US

On the PSU side, Lian Li is upgrading its EDGE PSU series with Platinum offerings which can fully be harnessed using dual chamber chassis in an L-shaped design that offers direct access to cable connection and you also get sleeved cables in the package with cable combs. There are also newer Mesh options that come with a mesh cover over the PSU fan that can easily be cleaned.

Following is the pricing detail for the PSU lineup:

  • Edge 1300W = $239.99 US
  • Edge 1000W = $199.99 US
  • Edge 850W = $149.99 US
  • Edge 850W Mesh = $119.99 US

All Edge PSUs have also been updated with new 12V-2×6 power cable connectors and Lian Li is specifically using a new 16-pin power plug with toughened-up contact points across each pin to make sure that power is circulated via the pins more effectively.

Lian Li is also introducing its latest UNI FAN SLV3 120 and SLV3 LCD 120 fans with updated wireless technology that eliminates the need for additional cable connections and the use of multiple controllers. The fans have also been upgraded with two light zones on each side which can run multiple effects and come with a new FDB bearing fan speed that runs at up to 2000 RPM. Pricing for the non-LCD fans is $16.99 per piece and $89.99 for a 3-pack while the LCD versions cost $41.99 per piece and $134.99 for a three-pack kit.

The newest AIO lineup also includes the Hydroshift LCD 360S at $179.99, the Hydroshift LCD 360RGB at $199.99, and the Hydroshift LCD 360TL at $259.99. These AIOs also feature the latest designs and a brand-new way to hide the tubing and fan cables within a separate compartment which is a nice touch and reduces the need for cable management.

Lastly, Lian Li has also prepped up its brand new L-Connect 3 software suite which is now more robust and offers a 1-click color change option for all components inside your PC without requiring to use other RGB control software.

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