Microsoft Planning To Shift To MT/s Memory Speed Metric Instead of MHz In Upcoming Windows 11 Update

Microsoft plans to change memory measuring metrics from the traditional “MHz” to the newer & more precise “MT/s” in Windows 11 Task Manager.

The Shift To “MT/s”  Is Done To Make Memory Speed Measurement More Precise, As More Modules Start To Adopt The Metric

While the change isn’t necessarily a big one, it is worth mentioning because the MT/s measuring unit has become widely shared across newly released memory modules.

Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at the differences between the naming schemes. MHz stands for millions of cycles per second, and it shows how long a memory takes to change its state from one to the other. However, MT/s represents millions of data transfers per second, and rather than focusing on state changes; the unit represents manipulation happening on both clock edges in DDR memory.

Windows expert PhantomOcean3 spotted the change while navigating the “Performance” section under Task Manager on Windows 11 Beta build 22635.3570. As to why this change is essential, the differences in the measuring unit aren’t just limited to the wording since MT/s deals with data transfer rather than speeds. An increase in it certainly doesn’t mean that RAM speeds are higher; it indicates that more data is being transferred. This is why modern-day modules are represented with the MT/s unit.

Image Credits: PhantomOcean3

It isn’t sure whether Microsoft will change the naming standard for now, but it does seem like a viable option to keep up with modern-day trends.

News Source: Bleeping Computer

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