Microsoft’s Automatic Super Resolution Upscaling Tech Limited To Copilot+ PCs & Select Games

Microsoft has unveiled more details of its Automatic Super Resolution upscaling tech which will be limited to Copilot+ PCs & a few games.

Microsoft Copilot+ PCs Get Automatic Super Resolution Upscaling Technology Across A Curated Set of Games, Faster FPS & Better Visuals

Earlier this year, it was reported that Microsoft was working on its own upscaling technology known as “Automatic Super Resolution”. This mode would enable users to leverage upscaling in a range of games, specifically selected by Microsoft, to look and run great however, it looks like the feature is currently only limited to Copilot+ PCs such as the ones based on Snapdragon X CPUs.

In its Copilot+ PC features FAQ, Microsoft explains that Automatic Super Resolution, or Auto SR in short will enable higher frame rates in existing games in real-time while also enhancing the visual detail displayed on your screen. The company states that the feature will offer a balance that will exceed what your PC hardware can achieve on ts own. In simple terms, it’s an upscaling tech that we have seen from the likes of NVIDIA (DLSS), AMD (FSR), and Intel (XeSS) already though it remains to be seen if the quality will be able to match those technologies.

Auto super resolution (Auto SR) seamlessly integrates with Windows to automatically enhance the frame rates of existing games in real-time while also providing detailed visuals on screen, offering a balance that exceeds what your PC hardware can achieve on its own. At initial launch, this feature will be exclusive to Copilot+ PCs equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon® X Elite processor and a curated set of games.

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Based on previous information, we have learned that Microsoft Automatic Super Resolution tech is going to leverage AI processing to achieve higher frames and better fidelity. The AI prowess will be coming directly from the NPU &  GPU, which when combined, offer over 45+ TOPS on these AI PCs.

Currently, the only Copilot+ certified PCs are based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X hardware and will be available by next month on retail shelves. Intel and AMD are also working on their next-gen Copilot+ platforms starting with Lunar Lake and Strix which are expected to offer over 100 TOPS of AI processing power. Microsoft also confirmed yesterday that Copilot+ will be expanded with these new PCs with new features and support for NVIDIA GeForce RTX and AMD Radeon RX GPUs is also confirmed.

So based on that, we can expect PCs that meet the 40-45+ AI TOPS requirement will be labeled as Copilot+ compliant and will also be able to use the Automatic Super Resolution (Auto SR) feature. Microsoft also states that not all games will be able to leverage Auto SR and that a curated set of games will be able to use it. Microsoft Studios and Microsoft partnered games are likely to be the first to use the tech along with a list of older titles as World of Warcraft was mentioned in the last demo.

The Microsoft Automatic Super Resolution (Auto SR) technology should not be confused with DirectSR which is meant to ease the process of integration of super-resolution tech for devs & supports NVIDIA DLSS, AMD FSR, and Intel XeSS. There are also several handy mods and tools, allow gamers to utilize super-resolution upscaling in a range of existing titles through direct or indirect injection.

News Source: VideoCardz

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