MSI Intros “CPU Fast Throttle Threshold” BIOS Feature In Z790 & Z690 Motherboards, Supports Intel 14th Gen CPUs

MSI has a new BIOS feature for its Z790 & Z690 motherboards that provides better thermal throttle function when running an Intel 14th Gen CPU.

Intel 14th Gen CPUs Are Going To Run Real Hot & MSI Has A New Z790/Z690 Motherboard BIOS Feature To Prevent Thermal Throttle

Intel’s 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs are some of the hottest chips around and 14th Gen CPUs with their higher clock speeds and power limits are going to be even hotter. We have seen with existing 13th Gen chips that those can hit their thermal threshold quite easily despite the protection for the CPU Over-Temp limit set to 115C. To further refine and tune the thermal throttle process, MSI will be adding a new feature to its Z790 & Z690 board BIOS known as “CPU Fast Throttle Threshold“.

From what we’ve gathered, the current Z790 and Z690 motherboard BIOS is designed to make the CPU throttle at or around 107C when the CPUI Over Temp Protection is set to Auto mode (115C by default). This means that although there’s still a little TjMax headroom left, the CPU will start to lose performance 8C below its normal throttle limit.

With the CPU Fast Throttle Threshold BIOS feature, you can enable the option within the BIOS of any MSI Z790 or Z690 motherboard to make sure that the CPU doesn’t throttle until it hits the max throttle temp of 115C. This limit can be adjusted manually too but both settings have to be enabled for them to work properly (CPU Over Temp Protection + CPU Fast Throttle Threshold). The feature is said to be available only for Intel’s 14th Gen Unlocked CPUs.

With motherboard manufacturers such as MSI offering more thermal limit controls to users, it is looking more obvious that the upcoming 14th Gen chips will require lots of cooling otherwise they will end up in the thermal throttle range. I personally use an Intel Core i9-13900K PCU in my main PC and even a high-end 360mm AIO cooler isn’t enough to keep it cool as it casually runs in the 90-100 degree Celcius range during intensive workloads. The Intel 14th Gen CPUs launch next week so we can expect the latest MSI BIOS to roll out by then too.

News Source: @kuroberumo

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