MSI Preps ATX12VO-Ready PRO B650 12VO “AMD AM5” Motherboard & New 12VO PSU Lineup

MSI is planning to expand upon the ATX12VO standard with new AMD AM5 “B650” motherboards and 12VO PSUs in 2024.

MSI’s Product Plans For 2024 Is Full of Innovation, Featuring The Debut of Project Zero & ATX12VO Components Including 12VO PSUs, AMD AM5 B650 Motherboards & More

So we all are well aware of the conventional ATX standard that has been around for decades and is currently being utilized in modern-day power supplies and supported by motherboards. However, the industry has intentions to shift to a completely new standard moving forward such as the Intel ATX12VO specifications.

The ATX12VO (Advanced Technology eXtended 12 Volts Only) connection is a “riddance” from traditional ATX power supplies that supply multiple voltage rails, including 3.3V, 5V, and 12V, instead, ATX12VO focuses on directly providing 12 volts to the motherboard, which results in a variety of advantages.

The standard was initially developed by Intel three years ago, however, in terms of the industry’s adoption, it hasn’t come that far. In terms of the benefits of ATX12VO, since it delivers power at a single voltage (12V) directly to the motherboard, the conversion of power within the power supply unit becomes more efficient. As now you won’t need multiple voltage rails, it reduces the design complexities involved as well, creating ease for PSU manufacturers. It looks like going into 2024, ATX12VO will become more common in the markets, as MSI officially enters the race, with the likes of Enermax.

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On the EHA Tech Tour visit by HardwareLuxx, it was revealed that MSI plans on releasing ATX12VO motherboards and power supplies, that are equipped with ATX12VO. The models mentioned by the media outlet include the PRO B650 12VO WIFI targeted towards the AMD AM5 socket type.

To minimize power supply production costs, Intel launched the latest ATX12VO power solution. MSI followed the energy-saving steps and developed ATX12VO motherboards, which adopts a 10-pin power connector. The simplification in connectors provides more spaces for PCB, and it also prevents cable chaos for end users.

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It will be the first AMD AM5 motherboard to support the ATX12VO standard and we may also get a few new Intel 12VO offerings since the last product to utilize this standard was the PRO H610M 12VO. It is stated that the majority of 12VO products will be aimed at pre-built systems so a DIY release may still be off the table for now.

Apart from the ATX12VO products by MSI, the company showcased other next-gen products as well, such as the motherboards intended for the Raptor Lake-S Refresh lineup, along with the company’s Project Zero initiative, both of which we have previously covered extensively. The company also showcased its latest USB4 Add-In-Card which comes with MSI’s Z790 MAX motherboards.

News Source: HardwareLuxx

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