MSI’s Next-Gen Spatium M580 Gen5 SSD With Non-Metal Vapor Chamber Pictured, M560 Gets 7nm Phison E31T In DRAM-Less Design

MSI is displaying its next-gen Spatium M580 Gen5 SSD which comes with a non-metal vapor chamber thermal solution along with the DRAM-Less M560.

MSI Looking Into Exotic Non-Metal Vapor Chamber Cooling For Next-Gen Spatium Gen5 SSDs, DRAM-Less Gen5 SSDs Coming Soon

MSI has come a long way with its Spatium SSD series. We have been covering them ever since they were introduced and at Computex, we got to see the next chapter of these drives based on the Gen5 standard.

Starting with the next-generation solution, MSI is currently working with a brand new non-metal vapor chamber cooling solution based around its Spatium M580 Gen5 SSD. This design comes with a two-phase flow transition of gas and liquid with minimal signal interference and the result is some drastic cooling potential in a very small enclosure that doesn’t require to be actively cooled.


Some of the highlights of the new non-metal Vapor Chamber design include:

  • Crafted Copper Cover – The meticulously designed cover allows airflow to pass through, dissipating heat efficiently and ensuring the smooth transition of the two-phase flow
  • Tailored Transparent Non-Metal Vapor Chamber – Where the two-phase flow of gas and liquid collaborate, with the liquid absorbing heat and transforming into vapor as bubbles in a continuous transitioning phase, enabling rapid heat exchange.
  • Optimal Heat Transfer Copper Base – The flattened base is engineered to fully contact the controller, transferring heat to transition the liquid to vapor.

The next-gen Spatium SSD cooling solution will not require any cable connections and the one on display was just used for the RGB lighting. With that said, MSI hasn’t stated when the new cooling solution will come to market but they are currently testing it out and we will get more information later down the road.

In addition to the high-end cooling solution, MSI also showcased the mainstream Spatium M560 Gen5 SSD which is based on the Phison E31T, 7nm, controller, and that results in a 15% power reduction and other design enhancements. The drive still delivers exceptionally fast performance of up to 10 GB/s and will be available in 1TB and 2 TB DRAM-Less designs. The new design will be very attractive in terms of pricing compared to DRAM and higher-end designs, bringing Gen5 to a wider audience.

The manufacturer will also roll-outs its brand new DATAMAG magnetic portable SSD solution which makes use of the Phison U21 controller & is USB4 compliant in a portable casing that features up to 40 Gbps speeds and up to 4 TB capacities. The SSD is compatible with various USB Type-C platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Camera, Windows, Mac, Android, laptops, and gaming consoles.

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