NVIDIA Accelerates GPU, CPU, & AI Platform Roadmap, New Chips To Launch Each Consecutive Year Instead of Two

NVIDIA has accelerated its GPU, CPU & AI roadmap significantly as stated by CEO, Jensen Huang, during the latest earnings call.

NVIDIA Will Be Launching Next-Gen GPUs, CPUs & AI Solutions Much Faster Than Everyone Else, Shifts To A 1-Year Cadence Instead of 2-Year

NVIDIA’s current roadmap includes the likes of Hopper H200 and its follow-up Blackwell in B100 & B200 GPUs. The company also previously teased X100 GPUs though we know from recent reports that the actual next-gen architecture comes as the Rubin “R100” series which looks like a major breakthrough for the company based on the specs, performance, and efficiency data that has been laid out.

Image Source: NVIDIA

The recent report on NVIDIA’s Rubin R100 GPUs was that it will see development starting in the second half of 2025, around a year after Blackwell B100 GPUs and it looks to be true as NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang, has confirmed that the AI superpower is going to accelerate its GPU product roadmap across the board and its not just GPUs! CPUs, Networking Switches, and other AI tech is also going to see an acceleration in NVIDIA’s roadmap as the firm looks to utilize its massive revenue stream and pour it straight into the R&D for the next-gen of chips.

Well, I can announce that after Blackwell, there’s another chip. And we are on a one-year rhythm. And so and you can also count that.

New CPUs, new GPUs, new networking NICs, new switches, a mound of chips that are coming. And all of it, the beautiful thing is all of it runs CUDA.

Jensen Huang – NVIDIA CEO

While the talk mostly talks about AI hardware, it looks like the extra cash might prompt NVIDIA to focus some of its attention on the gaming side of things as well. The gaming revenue is still the 2nd biggest contributor to NVIDIA’s revenue stream, amounting to almost $3 Billion, but it has been quite stagnant despite the company offering some major leaps in performance with the RTX 30 & RTX 40 GPU series. There’s nothing particularly wrong with NVIDIA’s gaming side of things besides the somewhat irregular price/performance ratios in the mainstream segment which makes up a large part of the gaming PC market.

With the arrival of next-gen AI PCs, NVIDIA is not only going to power premium AI PC experiences with its existing and upcoming GPUs which will be incorporated alongside these chips. NVIDIA is also working on its own AI PC platforms which will be based on the Arm CPU cores and offer RTX GPU capabilities.

That’s good news for the industry right now as it hungers for more compute & AI GPU capabilities. But it remains to be seen if this roadmap will be sustainable in the long term since demand can always fall so let’s wait and see how everything pans out if we are getting a new gaming GPU with some awesome gen-over-gen performance increases and new features, then count me in.

NVIDIA Data Center / AI GPU Roadmap

GPU Codename X Rubin Blackwell Hopper Ampere Volta Pascal
GPU Family GX200 GR100 GB200 GH200/GH100 GA100 GV100 GP100
GPU SKU X100 R100 B100/B200 H100/H200 A100 V100 P100
Memory HBM4e? HBM4? HBM3e HBM2e/HBM3/HBM3e HBM2e HBM2 HBM2
Launch 202X 2025 2024 2022-2024 2020-2022 2018 2016

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