NVIDIA & AMD Planning To Launch Arm-Based CPUs For PCs, To Tackle Intel & Apple By 2025

NVIDIA & AMD are planning to launch CPUs based on the Arm architecture and will be targeting the client (consumer) PC market by 2025.

NVIDIA & AMD’s Arm-based CPUs Will Compete Against Intel & Apple In The Client PC Market

The report comes from Reuters who have cited their own sources on the matter, stating that NVIDIA has internally started prep work on its next-gen CPUs for the client PC segment which will target Intel and run on the Arm architecture. The company not only wants to take on Intel but also tackle Apple in the client segment which has laid a strong foundation with its own in-house Arm-based chips that power Mac workstations, desktops, and laptops.

Nvidia has quietly begun designing central processing units (CPUs) that would run Microsoft’s Windows operating system and use technology from Arm Holdings, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

Advanced Micro Devices also plans to make chips for PCs with Arm technology, according to two people familiar with the matter.

via Reuters

But it isn’t just NVIDIA who will be making Arm-based CPUs, AMD is also reported to be going big with Arm in its future CPUs. The company is also said to introduce Arm-based CPUs which will sit alongside its traditional x86 CPUs serving the client consumer PC space under the Ryzen banner.

It won’t be the first time that NVIDIA and AMD have adopted Arm technology for CPU development. NVIDIA’s Grace CPU for HPC/AI is based on the Arm Neoverse N2 CPU core architecture and is very competitive against modern-day x86 CPUs as shown in recent benchmarks.

The NVIDIA IGX Orin is an AI developer kit based on the Orin SOC. (Image Source: NVIDIA)

Similarly, AMD also has a rich history with Arm though the company took a backfoot and focused more on the x86 side of things in the past few years. Ex-AMD chip architect, Jim Keller, who is regarded as the father of the Zen core architecture that put the company back in the x86 game, was not fond of how AMD had canceled the K12 ARM CPU project after he left the company though this report shows that AMD is once again willing to give Arm a try with the future chips. Whether that be in the form of an Arm-only or a hybrid x86/Arm design remains to be seen.

The report goes on to state that both NVIDIA and AMD could start selling their Arm-based PC chips as early as 2025 which is less than two years from now. This development may be accelerated further since Qualcomm is also entering the PC segment with its own X Elite CPU lineup featuring Snapdragon cores. NVIDIA already has a rich ecosystem of GPUs and the development of its Grace CPU should have certainly helped the company understand how to formulate an Arm-based chips in different environments, configurations, and OS’s.

With the preliminary info out, it now remains to be seen when NVIDIA and AMD will be willing to talk to the public regarding their plans with the Arm-based CPU offerings for client PCs. NVIDIA is certainly going to be a major development for the PC client market and AMD can also strengthen its foothold in the PC market against the likes of Intel and Apple if everything goes according to plans.

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