NVIDIA CEO Refutes Claims Of Samsung Failing HBM3 Verification, Says There’s More Testing To Be Done

NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang, issued a statement regarding the rumors surrounding Samsung’s HBM3 memory, claiming that there is much work to do.

NVIDIA Finally Breaks Silence On Rumors About Samsung’s HBM3 Memory Inefficiencies, Denying Claims of Failure

News surrounding Samsung’s failure in NVIDIA’s set qualification tests started to emerge a few weeks ago, when it was initially disclosed that the Korean giant hasn’t been able to meet Team Green’s standard, potentially creating major issues for the cooperation between the two. It was said that Samsung’s HBM3 products are facing “extreme” power and heat issues, so their adoption by NVIDIA is now at stake. However, NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen Huang has come forward to clarify the rumors, claiming that the verification process hasn’t been completed yet and that the “failure” reports aren’t accurate.

While addressing reporters at Computex in Taiwan, Jensen Huang said that NVIDIA still needs to proceed with the engineering stage of the HBM tests, which is supposedly the most crucial. He said that the verification is still pending, and when asked about Reuters’ report on Samsung’s HBM3 test failure, Jensen said that “there is no story there.” Well, this has pushed off the burden from the Korean giant’s camp since reports of the firm’s HBM3 being inefficient caused huge troubles and created a state of hesitation for potential customers.

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Samsung has refuted the claim that the verification tests failed, so now that we have responses from both camps, it’s safe to say that the Korean giant’s HBM3 and HBM3E memory are still up and running. Samsung’s HBM3 memory isn’t naive since the firm has been a primary supplier of AMD’s Instinct MI300X AI accelerators, which have been doing a great job regarding performance and efficiencies.

Apart from that, the firm has worked in upscaling facilities and upgrading HBM memory rapidly, so we believe it’s only a matter of time before we see NVIDIA utilizing Samsung’s HBM products, given that Team Green is determined to diversify its supply chain, especially after anticipating massive demand for Blackwell products.

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