NVIDIA Climbs To The Top, Now The Most Valuable Company On The Entire Planet With A Market Cap Exceeding $3.3 Trillion

NVIDIA has just hit its biggest milestone since the company’s inception, climbing to the very top as the most valuable company on the entire planet.

NVIDIA’s AI Success Rockets It To The Top, Making It The Most Valuable Company On The Planet

“The More You Buy, The More You Make”, is the iconic quote that NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang, made several years ago when he laid down his vision of the future of computing which involved AI, powered by his company’s GPUs. Today, the company has become the most valuable entity and company on the entire planet and it looks as if this is just the beginning of what’s to come for the green giant.

As of writing this article [6/18/24], NVIDIA has become the largest and most valuable company on the entire planet with a market cap that exceeds $3.3 Trillion ($3.343T to be precise). NVIDIA has been on the AI train ever since its inception and while the company has had its fair share of hurdles along the way such as failing to meet the ever-increasing demand for its chip and facing restrictions, the company has managed to pass through it all and reach where it stands today through hard work & commitment to the AI ecosystem.

Image Source: companiesmarketcap

As of right now, NVIDIA is only shipping its Hopper GPUs such as H100 and H200 which have been the real game-changers for the company as they came right at the time when AI was at its peak with the arrival of ChatGPT and several other AI models that accelerated that GenAI ecosystem.

NVIDIA has since announced Blackwell, its next-gen GPU architecture for Data Centers, which will succeed offer and deliver huge performance gains. The company has also announced the follow-up to the Blackwell GPUs, codenamed Rubin, which are expected to arrive in 2026. Jensen also hosted a pre-Computex keynote where he was able to fill an entire stadium to talk about Taiwan’s huge role in driving its success and laying out what the future holds for AI and its various applications. More here.

This yearly cadence has been adopted by others as well but despite their best efforts, it looks like the competition has failed overwhelmingly to match the might of NVIDIA. At the moment, Intel, AMD, and others have all unified together to tackle NVIDIA but the green team just continues to get better every generation.

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