NVIDIA & Dell Tease “AI PC” Entry Next Year As Competition In The Segment Heats Up

NVIDIA and Dell have teased that they are likely to make a joint entry in the “AI PC” segment as the competition heats up.

NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang, Is Cooking Up His Next-Gen “AI PC” Solution For 2025, Competing With The Big Guns Out There

The popularity of AI PCs has seen a massive increase in 2024, with mainstream manufacturers like Dell and Lenovo racing to integrate AI-focused features into their devices. With PC markets now focused on this particular segment of computing, manufacturers like NVIDIA have decided to take their own share of the hype as well. While the firm hasn’t revealed what they are planning to do, we may have an idea judging by past developments, which we’ll discuss later on.

In an interview with Bloomberg, NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen Huang and Dell’s CEO Michael Dell were discussing the dynamics of modern-day AI markets, where Jensen was asked about Team Green’s role in the AI PC hype. Here is what he had to say:

Bloomberg Reporter: Jensen where is NVIDIA’s place in the AI PC? I know you as gaming, again I grew up with the gaming side of NVIDIA, do you have a place in AI PC market?

Michael Dell (Dell CEO): Come back next year.

Jensen Huang (NVIDIA CEO): Yeah, exactly. There have been bunch of NVIDIA GPUs and Dell PCs and workstations, all of our GPUs have the same Tensor Core architecture that are running in H100s in the cloud and so everyone one of our GPU use AI to do its work. AI, of course is going to transform gaming.

Now, while this looks like a simple statement by NVIDIA, it isn’t and holds several secrets behind it. First of all, reports surrounding custom silicon by NVIDIA and MediaTek focused on AI computing have re-emerged, stating that Team Green is eager to compete in this segment & plans on utilizing cutting-edge processes such as TSMC’s 3nm node to give tough competition to the likes of Qualcomm and others. Moreover, it was said that Team Green is eager to work in the custom chip business, and it looks like the effects are already visible.

Recently, we have seen with the likes of Qualcomm gaining huge success despite being a relatively new entrant in the PC space. It’s latest Snapdragon X CPUs for the Windows PC platform powered by the Arm-based Oryon architecture have turned out to be well and has seen massive adoption in the segment since they are the only chips that fully comply with Microsoft’s Copilot+ PC eco-system.

NVIDIA’s AI PC entry is also going to leverage a custom Arm core architecture as they have done with Grace CPUs for servers. These new NVIDIA AI PC chips are expected to scale all the way from consumer PCs to high-end workstations. NVIDIA also leads the “AI PC” segment with its RTX platform, which is referred to as the premium AI PC platform, offering up to 1300 TOPS of compute versus the 50-100 TOPS offered by current and upcoming SOCs.

Another fascinating insight that I felt worth mentioning was about how close NVIDIA and Dell may seem in modern-day markets. Just a few days ago, Jensen Huang praised Dell’s efforts to expand the segment through its “AI factories,” and with this, we can see a healthy relationship between the two moving ahead, which will have its own technological and economic benefits.

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