NVIDIA Says Next-Gen Blackwell GPU Supply To Be Limited As AI Demand Swells To New Heights

NVIDIA is “ironically” expected to run out of Blackwell B100 GPUs supply ahead of its respective launch, as the firm anticipates vast demand.

NVIDIA’s Next-Gen Blackwell B100 AI GPUs Are Expected To Dominate The Markets, Courtesy of Their Huge Performance Uplifts

The next-gen AI accelerators from Team Green have hyped up everyone, whether they are potential clients or even investors since it is anticipated that the Blackwell lineup could take things to a new level when it comes to computing performance and clientele demand. In light of this, NVIDIA’s CFO Colette Kress has expressed that we could see a similar situation with Blackwell compared to what we saw with the Hopper H100.

– NVIDIA’s CFO Colette Kress (Q4 2024 Earnings Call)

Well, the shortened supply is something everyone expects since the Blackwell AI GPUs are a relatively new lineup, so a constrained supply is always anticipated. Since the hype behind the upcoming accelerators from the AI sector is enormous, NVIDIA could probably witness a disruption in the supply and demand chain, which means the B100s could see inflated pricing, high order backlogs, and many other problems. This is a norm in the industry, associated with every other new release, and since Blackwell AI GPUs are targeted for the “explosive” AI segment, we expect them to sell like hotcakes.

For a bit of a rundown on what to expect with the Blackwell B100, NVIDIA will equip it with the cutting-edge HBM3e memory type and adopt a chiplet design, which is anticipated to bring significant performance gains onboard. The GPUs are expected to be released within 2024, and most likely, we will see an announcement at GTC 2024, which will be held on 18th March.

News Sources: Seeking Alpha, Videocardz

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