NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen Huang Pays Visit To China After Several Years, Reconciling Relationship With Clients

NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen Huang has paid a visit to China, to celebrate Beijing’s New Year Party, marking his steps into mainland China after several years.

Jensen Huang Rocket A Traditional Chinese Northeast Flower Jacket While Celebrating With NVIDIA’s Employees In China, Blending Into The Tradition

Jensen Huang is quite famous for his rather “extraordinary” acts in the industry, whether it comes to celebrating music with the locals, crashing into gaming LAN parties or even paying a visit to Denny’s which marked the origin of NVIDIA.

This time, however, Jensen Huang attended NVIDIA’s celebrations of Beijing’s New Year, where he performed a traditional Chinese dance to mark the Chinese New Year of the Dragon, and based on the images that surfaced from the company’s own Weibo account, Jensen sure did look happy. He wore traditional northeastern China clothing, finally taking off his iconic leather jacket, and danced to resemble the local tradition.

Image Credits: NVIDIA Weibo

NVIDIA CEO’s visit to China wasn’t just a casual one, since it is reportedly that Jensen held meetings with the firm’s top clients in the region, with the likes of Alibaba and Tencent. The situation of NVIDIA’s AI markets in China is at a critical stage in modern times, since not only is the firm receiving negative remarks from its concrete clients for its new “cut-down” AI GPUs, but the competition from the likes of Huawei is also ramping up, placing Team Green in a pivotal spot. Jensen’s visit might mark a reconciliation attempt with Chinese clients, which might improve things for the company in the future.

The new US regulations coupled with increasing competition do put NVIDIA’s AI future at stake, however, NVIDIA’s leadership won’t stop here, since Jensen’s visit does disclose that Team Green isn’t left to be.

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